Earth Science Could global warming actually be the earth coming out of a semi-ice age?

Discussion in 'Earth Science' started by junior_smith, Sep 30, 2004.

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    right now we have heard soo much about glopbal warming, and i am not totally negating the effects of green house emissions, but it hink a large portion of this recent change in temperature could be the world coming out of a semi-ice age.

    one of the biggest arguments going for the greenhouse emission theory is the fact that the change is soo recent however england's whole ice sheet melted wthin fifty years and that ice sheet was a mile deep in some areas.

    also if places like britain had rainforest type conditions then surely at swome point the earth would have been hotter than it is now

    correct me if i'm wrong plz io have a strong feeling i will get something very wrong about global warming
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    Actually thats pretty much the case.

    Temperatures were higher in medieval times (from about 800 to 1300) than they are now, and the twentieth century represented a recovery from the little ice age to something like normal. The false perception that the recent warming trend is out of the ordinary is heightened by its being measured from an extraordinarily cold starting point, without taking into account the earlier balmy medieval period, sometimes called the Medieval Climate Optimum.

    The tenth century was so much warmer than it is now, that when it cooled dramatically in the middle of our second millennium it acquired the name the "little ice age".

    Even the period for which we have records can be misread. While the average global surface temperature increased by about 0.5 degrees Celsius during the twentieth century, the major part of that warming occurred in the early part of the century, before the rapid rise in human population and before the consequent rise in emissions of polluting substances into the atmosphere. There was actually a noticeable cooling period after World War II, and this climate trend produced a rather different sort of alarmism some predicted the return of an ice age. In 1974 the National Science Board, observing a thirty-year-long decline in world temperature, predicted the end of temperate times and the dawning of the next glacial age. Meteorologists, Newsweek reported, were "almost unanimous in the view that the trend will reduce agricultural productivity for the rest of the century."

    Certainly somethings going on with the climate but trying to forcast long term trends off short term data that we don't really understand is a bit daft.

    "Global warming" at the moment is politics not real science.
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    There is more than enough evidence that this is a solar system wide warming . I have said that climate is solar driven. I've been saying this for decades. Here is the evidence.

    Look at the solar maxima data

    It's a solar system wide phenomena. The sun is at an all time ( at least in the last 110,000 years) high output of energy.

    Deny Ignoratus!