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Discussion in 'Metaphysics' started by tablet, Oct 18, 2004.

  1. tablet

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    You had a dream that you were in the middle of a war, both side were fighting and you just stood there with your gun - you chose not to be part of it or take any action. Instead, you stood there and let them come after you. In that dream, you knew you were dreaming so it doesn't matter if a bomb dropped on you cause you knew you were going to wake up from bed and live the next day.

    question is: did you really control that dream, was it possible that you can do anything in that dream once you realized that you were dreaming?
  2. amantine

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    It is possible to control you dream. It's called Lucid Dreaming and it really does exist. A good introduction can be found here.

    I have done it myself, but I always get too excited and either go back into the dream or lose the dream. Once I was able to realize I was dreaming and I went through the window and flew over the city, but I lost lucidity after maybe 20 seconds. I've given up because the dream journal and waking yourself up at random times cost too much of my time and energy. I've read that some can also control their lucid dreams, but I haven't been able to do that myself.
  3. junior_smith

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    i have found that i cant do lucid dreaming, i will read your intro amantine and try again, and tell you the results. i did have an OBE during meditation, but i will save that for ATS
  4. tablet

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    Hmm... Interesting. I didn't know there's a topic to this (lucid dreaming). I haven't read the link (i will).

    I always thought that if you dream that you're dreaming, <--- it's part of the dream.

    You think you can control your dream WHICH is also a DREAM in itself.
  5. junior_smith

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    good point, this a little off the subject but still abouta alck of control.

    does anyone daydream and you can't control your day dream? for example you are trying to jump this certain thing, and you trip before you jump and you try to force your mind to jump but you keep tipping. this used tro happen to me when i was younger hasn't happened recently though
  6. tablet

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    Yes, it does happen to me. I'm a daydreamer. SO... :) And also, there are things you can't think about while lying down on one of your side. I mean, not can't think about it, but the image aren't that vivid.

    I brough this topic up because my dad told me that when he realized that he's dreaming he just stood there and let the soldier shot him. He was a soldier... so not sure if this has anything to do with his dream. But i'm skeptic. I think that he's dreaming that he can control his dream.
  7. Zerinity

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    :puz: I can't seem to do that . I am unsure if it is possible. But just becasue I can't doesn't mean it can't e done. I have learned this in my time.

  8. pineappleupsidedown

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    I've done it once, but it doesnt come very easy to me.

  9. Mizar

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    I rarely get the chance to control my dreams. I was at one time working on a method to acquire the type of dream you wanted. ex. you want to dream about zombies, so you would do something that would spark that part of your mrmory during sleep and you would dream of zombies. I never got anywhere with it really. I love my dreams though when i seem to be going through the universe. As if i am flying through nebula and stars.

    Having had experience in medition for 3 years and being a professional day dreamer school can get quite fun at times.

    I have learned how to black out my eyes and let my mind run rampart and just have fun. Example: today I was in relgion class and doing nothing. I fixed my gaze on the clock. I slowly had my vision black out and began to daydream that I was in space orbit watching the sun rise over the earth. I could see the stars, point out constelations, see other planets see clouds on earth the moon watch the progressing line of light. I could see the glow of the milky way. Ive just done this so much its easy for me.

    The bigest thing of advice I can give for someone who is looking to escape reality on the average basis is
    1. quit watching alot of tv and start reading alot so you can build up a imagination
    2. Clear your mind of everything but what you want to do
    3. DETAIL if you want it to seem real you have to give yourself detail. IE you want to pretned to be flying over the city envision the cars the people dogs trees swaying moving to a prak the towers on skyscrapers die waks teh lines in the street car clolors.... You need to focus on detail.

    but most importantly you need to have a good imagination you need to be able to visualize things and that is why i sugest reading stuf in science ficiton so you can get a good imagination. also pay attention to detail in every day life that helps alot.
  10. helenheaven

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    I have a lot of lucid dreams. I'm not sure why I do, but generally I really enjoy them. I also have a lot of dreams that 'blend' into waking, ie am crying in my dream and I will be literally crying when I wake up.
  11. Fitzpatrick

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    There is a difference between dream control and lucid dreaming.

    IN lucid dreaming you realise your dreaming but nothing else.

    but in dream control you are able to manipulate things like u can fly.

    But like life u never have free will or control its all an illusion
  12. Aldarion

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    I used to have probably the most common of all dreams, the falling dream, on a regular basis. The cause of the falling varied, but the result was always the same. That sickening feeling you feel when your equilibrium is out of whack.

    In one particular dream I found myself falling one more time, I think I was sucked up into the air by a tornado, but anyway, as I was falling I found myself thinking I was tired of this. It occured to me that this was a dream, and if it was a dream that it was not real and the normal laws of physics did not apply.

    It sounds silly, but I wondered, in my dream, if I could not somehow stop the falling, so I started flapping my arms. I remember I closed my eyes in the dream and the next thing I know my feet lightly touched the ground.

    The odd thing about it was I have never had the falling dream since then.

    Now when I have an unpleasant dream, I just ride it out. I know that it's not real and is like a free movie.