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Discussion in 'Website Support & Announcements' started by Mark, Aug 26, 2004.

  1. Mark

    Mark ♤♡◇♧ Staff Member

    Well I stopped by at lunch,....and now everything has changed.

    This is excellent.

    I want to congratulate all the captains for making it this far. I often wondered where this road was taking us,...and often had to step back and away to get some fresh air.

    But all this code hunting,...clue mixing,...and hair pulling,...has been worthwhile.

    I look forward to where the next 90 days takes us.

    Thank you all.

    (more activity from me when I return this evening, but will be thinking about it the whole time :) )
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  2. Zsandmann

    Zsandmann Premium Member

    Welcome capt. Smirkley, I believe we are having a meeting this evening in the usual place to discuss to set-up of the board.

    Z Out
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  3. ATSadmin

    ATSadmin New Member

    SWEETNESS! You all have earned this and I am confident you will make a grand site of it. :D

    Who was the one who "opened the door"?

    (Springer here BTW)
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  4. Seth Bullock

    Seth Bullock Premium Member

    Hey -5- um Cerberus.. no I mean HA or is it Springer ;) ... JC opened it near as we can tell.
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  5. JcMinJapan

    JcMinJapan Premium Member

    Would you expect anything less from me!!!!!!!
    uh.. never mind... don`t answer that...:(
    ha ha ha

    No, we did it as a TEAM ;)
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  6. Hoytroid

    Hoytroid New Member

    90 days? What?
  7. JcMinJapan

    JcMinJapan Premium Member

    We have 90 days to make this popular.
    I expect it to kick off VERY soon! ;)