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Discussion in 'Metaphysics' started by Ape, Feb 7, 2005.

  1. Ape

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    Conflict forces one to better ones self. It forces change, growth, adaptation, ...... evolution, ........or death.Without conflict you have only stagnation.
    Then what leads to conflict? Passion. or passions or better said , emotions. Anger, haterd, fear, (etc.) all of these lead to somesort of conflict.
    Is there no way to stop conflict? If it is stopped is it for the better? I must say conflict also brings its own form of stagnation but which is the better road?
    Does this all seem negative?
    Compared to what? What keeps even the most rudimentary creatures alive? Fear to run, anger to fight......without it a creature would surely die.
    What is the better road? Please leave your opinion.

    (I got the concept from a great game)
  2. kiwirobin

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    Conflict is a powerful tool if coupled with respect.
    Conflict is a powerful weapon if coupled with hate, greed or jealousy.
  3. _Angel_1991

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    Conflict is dangerous.

    Humans and war originated from it.

    The dark angels were spawned by it.
  4. Young William

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    Good post, conflict is something that has seemingly become the norm, especially in our Western culture. We invent reasons to rise up, it is within our daily struggle however, that we quickly forget the past......
  5. bodebliss

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    "Conflict building better humans" is silly drible. What happens is the first wave wipes out the most prepared causing retreat and regroup with less capable less ready combatants. The loss of the first group is never recouped.

    The old saying 'pratice does not make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect'.

    The current regime in Washington, DC realizes that. That's why they are hammering the American middle class so they can get ever increasing concessions from us.
  6. mscbkc070904

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    First off, conflict begins right at when the sperm travels to the in general is conflict, always. From the time you are concieved til even after the passing of yourself from this life.

    Without conflict, where would the world be, where would we be, what would exist, what wouldnt?

    Survival of each day in life. Your body is always in conflict fighting off the bad things that enter your body, to try and keep you moving, healthy, etc.

    Emotions are a contributing factor to Social conflict as well as your own character and personality.
  7. Ape

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    "Conflict building better humans"
    couldent that mean that from war new better technology? Cause both sides are more desperate for better weapons and in the process after the war some of the tech. is used on civilian lives. EX- WWII.
  8. Bleys

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    it is a terrible reality that some of the best medical advancements occur during times of war/conflict. I saw a great documentary about the history of plastic surgery and its impact/success/failure on soldiers injured on the battlefield.

  9. Ape

    Ape Premium Member

    terrible but true, makes alot of sence though
  10. Young William

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    Conflict resolution is perhaps the greatest challenge that we face in our concious state. some revel in their self-proclaimed ability to sucessfully negotiate, while others dread and thus avoid conflict whenever possible.
    As I'm getting older, I've found it best to use both the time and information available when attempting to mediate any confliction. Most important, seems to be learning to juggle effective listening with formulation.
  11. Kalibur

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    As a screenwriter I can tell you conflict is everything; conflict is the essence of life. Conflict isn't only war. Conflicts exist both internally and externally. The resolution of a conflict can be positive or negative, depending upon your opinion.

    Without conflict what is the point? Everything shouldn't be laid out for us the moment we're born. We shouldn't have all the answers. Life shouldn't be as easy as possible. If we never engaged in conflict, essentially, we'd never get stronger. What a waste of the human potential to evolve, learn, grow and adapt.
  12. pieman

    pieman Premium Member

    i dunno, big question,
    i think voilent conflict could be said to have it's place if you can be very objective, it's uasually a good thing for a species, it seems to be a pretty good way to weed out inferior gene's, but when you take into account modern wepons, its not always the strongest individual that survives,so the effect is negated, evolutionary deadend. or at least you can say for the moment the effect is obsolete,

    you could also argue that it enhances technoligy, but only with a bias toward conflict, the field is very narrow,and although uses are almost always found for militery tech. in civilian life, a huge bias exsists toward research into taking lives efficiantly, neglecting research into living more fully, thats why cancer still exsists, thats why 80% of the world still live in absolute poverty.

    i suppose conflict is pretty unavoidable,but i don't think that conflict for conflicts sake is justifiable,i would like to think we are at a stage in our development where we are better able to shape our own destiny as a species than to relie on somthing so random and brutal as survival of the fittest.
  13. bodebliss

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    Plato wrote: "Only the dead have seen the end of the war."