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Discussion in 'Metaphysics' started by tablet, Oct 25, 2004.

  1. tablet

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    This is what I really meant.

    What happens when you put people that share a common goal in a room. Out here in this world we fight and argue a lot because we all share different ideas and opinions. Our different belief systems create conflicts. Will it be better if we put the rich with the rich, engineers with engineers, scientists with scientists, where they all can discuss freely and help advance society?

    Will it be a good thing or a bad thing for not being around those who share different opinions and beliefs?
  2. DreamLandMafia

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    How much money they have...of course. And what they can spend it on, and the unforunate wouldnt be included in that spending ;).
  3. junior_smith

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    the weather
  4. Icewolf

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    They'd probably talk about ways to make lots of money fast,
  5. amantine

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    I think they would generally talk about the same topics mean-income people talk about. Usually prejudices (who of you can honestly say they know very wealthy people?) like the ones expressed above are not true.
  6. bluesunday

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    they would talk of wine and laugh a lot (rich people are usually kind) but not always !:p
  7. olprt

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    i'd guess they'd start by discussing why theyre all in a room...
  8. Zsandmann

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    Ha hahaha, good one.

    I bet they would decide which of them should touch the door #@!&%.
  9. tablet

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    I think this should move to brainteaser section. :)
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    there is no right or wrong answer, which is why it was moved to the Philosophy section.

    hehe, very nice olprt. Thats probably in actuality what they would be discussing. Welcome to


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  11. tablet

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    Ok so far so good.

    i'd guess they'd start by discussing why theyre all in a room...

    Is reasonable. I'm going to shift your mind a little further. So, the story is this...

    Based on a real event, but I changed it to rich into a room. People all over the city received an email that tell them to go to this place, no reason was given. Just "Go to this place!" and alot end up visiting the place, they didn't know what's going on!!! At first the place was empty, then you have one or two people show up... others who didn't receive the mail end up walking into that spot because they were wondering what's going on why suddenly people are piling up in one spot.

    Those that received the mail managed to come and when they do they still don't know what's going on, NO ONE KNOW what's going on... so they all discuss why they're THERE. And they all talked about the email they received... so it was a very odd experience and a good example of human nature... curiousity.

    Now, let's extend this rich scenerario a little further. Suppose all the rich received the email that ask them to go to a place which they all did and then question why they're there. So they try to understand and in the process ended up knowing each other.... The room is private, no one can hear what they're discussing. BUT they can talk to their friends because there are equipments inside the locked room.

    The question now is, what's next after reasoning why they're there?
  12. elizabeth

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    They'd start out with small talk about golf or how the stockmarket is going. Move onto to trying to identify who the richest in the room might be. That would be accomplished through subtle hints and witty humor. Because "who you know" is very important.
    The women would gravitate towards other women mostly with the conversations being about how hard it is to find good servants or where the best places to shop are.
    Add a little alcohol into the mix and they get louder, more jovial and flirtatious with each other. Bonds are perhaps made, phone numbers exchanged, "names" filed away to memory for later recollection. Just in case who they got to know might could do them a "favor" one day.
  13. They would probably discuss whos idea it was to come here(the room). Who would be the Chairman. Then form a Corp. then eventually take over the world. Who is going to pay me if they are in there. I need a little money.:smug:
  14. masqua

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    Once a pecking order was established based on who had the most assets, the relative wealth of each would then be meticulously worked out to find the person with the least. That person would then be driven out in shame, relegating the next lowest to the same fate and so on and so on...until only the wealthiest person was left. That one would then order champagne and caviar to be sent to the room where he/she would glut their avarice and be so very special unto him/herself.

  15. AD5673

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    could it be?? money?