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Discussion in 'Astronomy' started by Mizar, Dec 17, 2004.

  1. Mizar

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  2. Bleys

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    Only 59 days before impact...

    have you got your telescopes ready? NASA and deep are looking for any and all astronomers to observe, document and take photos (if possible) before and after the impact.

    There is a beginner's guide for true novices and an intermediate or advanced guide for you diehards. I can think of a few of you right off hand.

    I hope everyone, who can, will sign up for this - it sounds like a great way to be a part of the space program.

  3. bodebliss

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    I signed up to have my name on the cd in the nose of the impactor, when that was available at the NASA site.

    Didn't everyone?
  4. oddtodd

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    I never though to vicariously slam myself into a comet digitaly . Silly me !
  5. bodebliss

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    Well when you put your name on the CD you get a nifty certificate from NASA with your name on it thanking you for participating.

    It's neat!
  6. oddtodd

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    Wasn't trying to diss ya bliss ! It does sound cool .

    May think of you on impact day :)
  7. blue

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    just a side note- there is a woman in russia who is sueing nasa to stop the impact, or at least hoping to be reimbursed to the tune of millions because the impact will change the prestine nature of the comet and cause her irrepreable harm to her psycie knowing that it has been damaged. So maybe we should just call the whole thing off?
  8. bodebliss

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    You say tomato and I say tamoto.....

    What? Miss my chance to impact an asteroid. No way, Man.
  9. Zsandmann

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    Can a Russian citizen sue a US govt agency? I dunno but that is pretty funny.
  10. blue

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    apparently they can try- check out msnbc-alan boyle cosmic log- april 20, 2005- astrologer sues over deep impact
  11. Mizar

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    I'm strictly hands off with astrophotography on the eyepice. count me out for that one. I don't have tracking motors on my scope so I cant take long term exposures Its all m,anual on the "big guy" GWAHAHAHAHA
    But yeah I need to renew my S&T subscription I keep forgeting what to do with my scope haha
  12. spacedoubt

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    Looks like the First Picture is IN!

    A little fuzzy. But isn't that what "comet" means?
    A fuzzy star..

    Here is the story

    Photo of Temple 1