Earth Science Coldest Summer in 59 years....

Discussion in 'Earth Science' started by helenheaven, Jan 5, 2005.

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    So much for global warming....

    Last summer we had the worst drought in 100 years. This summer we have had the wettest December since records began in 1863, the fifth coldest since records began in 1853, and the coldest in 59 years...

    Not much evidence of global warming here!

    extreme weather all over the globe...significant climate changes, but not necessarily "global warming"
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    Makes you wonder if Mother Nature knows how to take care of herself and "adjusts as necessary." And if we really annoy her - she'll remove us poste haste.

    But your post got me to wondering - Has anyone read Crichton's new book that claims Global Warming is junk science at it's worse? Seth just finished it and feels vindicated for his anti-Kyoto stance.

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    okay, some scientists are claiming that the arrival of icebergs in NZ waters is due to global warming...the break up of icebergs from Antartica..

    hmmm, so how come icebergs showed up in New Zealand waters in 1892 and 1931...was that global warming too?

    Anything can be held as evidence for global warming but I think the mere fact that icebergs were here in 1892, long before mass atmospheric pollution, debunks global warming theories rather than adds to them

    For more:,,11964-3996085-56,00.html (video)

    what do you think?

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    Quite strange as in Japan, this winter has been very warm. We usually have very cold winters, but have only had to pull out the winter coat about 5 times. Today is very cold, but two days ago it was light jacket or just sweater weather.

    Global Warming is happening as a fact, the tmperature of the ocean is definately warmer and is not a myth. Now, with global warming comes extremes in weather patterns.... hmmm....
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    Well, all good points, but got to remember different climates, different regions of the world will take different patterns to change. Where I am from, Va, thru the years weather has significantly change. I remember back as a kid we would have slightly warm weather up til about mid Oct, by Halloween, the temps started to drop. By mid Dec we would have snow (SE Va that is) and winter would last til Mid March before climbing back into the 50's. There were times we would get those temps, but I am talking about daily standards temps.

    Now the winters are shorter, its doesnt really start to get cold til Mid Jan and the temps are back to the 50's by Mid Mar. Water temps tend to not drop liek they use to. However over the last few winters, the short spells of cold temps were some of the worst conditions. Like for instance today, it snowed here, 5th time in less than a month. Usually we are lucky we get snow twice in a yr, considering the last 10 yr track. The last time we had this much snow was in 96. But the summer was also very hot and humid and has been getting worse each year. The last 2 summers here, I have never seen so much rain too. Usually we didnt get much rain after first of July til Sept. The last 2 yrs was the first time since the mid 80's the cities here didnt have to issue a drought/water conservation order. In fact we got so much the last 2 yrs alot of crops perished.

    Therefore there is some type of warming going on when you summers last longer than usual and winters tend to shorten. While at the same time, look at all the recent weather castraphes in the last 13 months.

    earthquake in Iran, the what 9-13 Hurricanes, numerous F5, even a possible F6 tornado this year, water levels throughout the world rising above norms, the tsunami, sand storms, mudslides, forest fires (some with no explanation how they started), the climate is changing and it will vary continent to continent.

    Maybe the movie the Day After Tomorrow is becomign realistic, not to that degree, but its on a warpath going that direction.
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    Don't forget old " El Nino". We should have enough raw data on global warming in 30,000 years or so!!!!! I wouldn't worry about too much!!!!:bnghd: