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    Col Philip J. Corso (ret)\'s book.......

    I know we don't get to too much UFO stuff here, but I have a question about , yes Truth.....

    Have you ever read 'The Day After Roswell'? I nearly ended up the Recycle Bin after I read it cos it was WHACK! It's written by Col. Philip J. Corso (Ret), he says he's a former Pentagon Official and his claims in his book 'The Day After Roswell' were astounding to put it mildly! However I personally (at his lecture in Perth, Western Australia at Burswood Casino a few years back) asked Stanton Friedman about the book and he said that much of it was HOGWASH.

    So how was he allowed to publish it as non-fiction???

    I just need to know why he wasn't busted by the Pentagon, or by any ol hack who wanted to sue him for ripping them off with a book that was not what it claimed to be i.e: FACTUAL. Am I missing something.

    Mr Friedman knew the book well, and I hope someone asks him about the legal implications cos wouldn't they stop publication? The claims after all are Very serious.


    Leon Ardo
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    I've been by myself alone in places on this Earth where there wasn't another human for days travel by foot and never saw anything strange.

    I would find it hard to believe in flying saucers, or big feets, or fairies.

    I must admit though when you have been long away from any sign of civilization, the first contact with humans can be quite dramatic. You will have never talked so much in your life. Everything you wanted to say all the time you were out of contact coming out at once.
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    thanks bodebliss

    thanks, i'd like to know more about some of the places you have been.... have you ever walked the Milford Sound Track in New Zealand?

    I'm thinking of doing it on my own one day soon, but apparently the sandflies or midgies are pretty severe.

    solitude, pure solitude and being in the nude
    could be better than food if we thought it not rude
    or crude to extrude this,
    viewed and eschewed though.....
    we'd probably just be sued!
    (I'm not in the mood to be sued)

    Please help :lol: