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    For the sake of teamwork ( that seemed to work so well to the Captains of this site ) and to end my string of incorrect questions I thought I would pull together what we do know about the people and location .

    Clues given : References to Jane Austin , John Keats , Robert Louis Stevensen . All famous authors who were from , or spent time in England / Scotland .

    Gravestone of Jane Austin ( I think)

    Picture of Treasure island written by Stevensen while in Scotland ( I believe)

    Picture of a guy at an " alien convention" of some kind .

    It is east of england and EAST of Scotland

    West of United States

    The people are " involved" , and man and woman .

    Snow is common

    Taken on a hill

    North of the equator

    South of Alaskas NORTHERN border .

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    Clarification; The location is East of England and Scotland