Astronomy Closer Look: Red Dwarf

Discussion in 'Astronomy' started by JcMinJapan, Sep 17, 2004.

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    Ok, out of honor of my favorite comedy, I will do a report on what a Red Dwarf is. No, not a character from Lord of the Rings. ha ha

    Ok, so do you guys like these reports that I am doing? If you do, I will make more posts like these and the planets. If not, I will hord it all for myself..... ha ha Just let me know.

    Red Dwarfs are the most common stars in the Universe. They are very small and very cool when compared to our sun. They will only have a surface tempurature around 4000 K and run up to 100 times smaller than our Sun. They are also the stars that live the longest (a few trillion years or longer), as they burn their fuel very slowly compared to our sun, which has an expected live span of about 10 billion years. This is also why they are red, because they are not as intense as our sun, so they burn less bright. The outer portions are usually red, the closer you get to the center it will turn yellow, then blue in the middle. So, have you ever wondered how they burn fuel, well this is done through hydrogen fusion reactions.

    Well, I hope this was interesting for everyone. It is always interesting for me. :)
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    It's cold out side..........

    witch is your fav. show , have any info on the movie ?
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    There no type of atmosphere.....

    The movie is slated to start filming in Australia in Jan 2005.
    Other than that, have not heard too much. I heard that they will probably continue the series once the movie has been shot.

    Favorite show? hmmmm... There are sooooo many! I love almost all of them. My avatar on ATS used to be Kryten with a pic of him during Krytie TV... that was one of my favorites.. Especially when Lister got Krytied!

    Better than Life is also one of my top ones... I laughed so much during that one!

    Of course Stasis Leak is a classic as well as Parallel Univers when Lister becomes pregnant. ha ha ha

    Ahh forget it! I would have to list every show almost... ha ha ha If anyone is interested, take a look at it here.....