Metaphysics Cleanliness is Holiness

Discussion in 'Metaphysics' started by Mizar, Dec 5, 2004.

  1. Mizar

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    This is a common expression but in my opinion I wouldn'c call it a expression I would call it an aphorisim. I feel this statment is a truth. Cleanliness of anything is best; expecailly the mind. I do not mean in the sense of a dirty "sexual" mind but in the sense of it being clear and away from clutter and useless meddilings. Lets take your bed room for example. When its clean the enviorment is better. You enjoy being in the room you are happier in the room. When the room is messy its aggervating hard to move around. Its the same with many other aspects of life. The "cleainer" it is the more enjoyable. When your mind if free to focus on important matters you think better. ( ha this is going to sound funny if you ever went on a highschool retreat) Ask your self what trash can I empty from my life? What can I do to clean my life to make it more enjoyable, fun, happy, easy to move?

    Some of you while reading this may be saying to yourself. " Does MIzar think he is some geinous for figuring out this? I mean thats common knowldge EVERYONE know that! Duh!"

    Of course I know you know this but thats not important. Most philisphoy is common knowlde and common sense it makes perfect sense. Every knows it. But if every one knows it why arent we all enlightned? The reason is no one follows it. no one believes it. ( i really mean not many people. Not generalizing) I cant count the ammount of times people have come to me for adivce and i tell them something to whichj the look me in the face and say thanks for nothing.
    Everything we need is infront of our noses generally we jsut have to be willing and open to look. Clean up you life a but and the simple will be eaisly visible becasue you wont have anything in your way. Try, Hope, and Want.

    You may already know all of this but i challenge you to pratice it and do it!

    -- Mizar
  2. pineappleupsidedown

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    there is another side to this arguement, the one i choose to follow.

    Entropy is natural. The state of things becoming disorderly.

    Personally, I can find things much better in my room when my room is messy, and it has a warmer feel to it than when the floor and dresser are bare. Almost like being is a hospital. It doesnt matter if the heater is on, hospitals tend to be cold places. I think this is because it is so important that hospitals remain clean: therefore they always seem cold.

    That, or i just am too lazy to clean my room :p

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    I agree with pine, if I have stuff everywhere I know where to logically look for what I need. Clothes go on the floor, watch on dresser, remote under pillow, cat under comforter, etc. If I put everything 'where it belongs' I lose stuff.
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    Two side to everything.

    Van gogh once said that those who truly love nature will find beauty everywhere. Even garbage. Left minded people like things to be clean and tidy, whereas right minded aren't aware of it or doesn't care.

    Depend on where you stand but I agree with Mizar that a clean room will make the mind clean, not just the mind but the body as well.

    That's what I believe, but the way I live my life is similiar to ZSand and Pine.

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