Botany Cholla - Arthritis Relief

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    Cholla (Cylindropuntia):

    The Hopis chew on the roots of cholla Cactus to treat diarrhea.

    The Navajos commonly use poultices made of the cleaned joints of cholla Cactus. They are despined, split lengthwise, heated and applied to relieve the pain of arthritis.

    Thanks to Arizona Cactus for this information.
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    2 T cholla buds also contain as much calcium as a glass of milk!
    Cane Cholla (Opuntia imbricata)
    Wild Plants of the Pueblo Province by William W. Dunmire and Gail D. Tierney
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    If this stuff works so well, why doesnt the FDA use these old remedies for over the counter meds. Its really bothersome that such remedies of the old ways are right there at our fingertips, yet we dont use the very thing that can alleviate pain for a far cheaper price than those of major manufacturers. Put that on the market and it will sell, like aspirin.

    Unless, stuff like this is already being done, inform me on what pharmacutical plants use this.
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    Actually the FDA and drug (pharmaceutical ) companies are trying to discredit over the counter - so called natural remedies- because it cuts into their profits.

    The argument against natural remedies is that it is hard to regulate the % of useful medicine in the package. Although herbal remedies are not meant for long-term usage- Unless it is a dietary supplement. And that is a another can of worms-