Human Biology Chimeras are REAL!

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    Ok, this was a hard topic to pick the location, it fits in zoology as well as biology. So, I chose Biology, if another admin thinks it should be moved to zoology, then just move it.

    Chimeras (ki-MER-ahs) — meaning mixtures of two or more individuals in a single body

    Yes, if you had an organ transplant or blood transfusion, then you are considered a Chimera. Twins are also considered Chimeras as well.:D

    Now, the morality of this science can have some disturbing questions. What if a mouse had human vocal cords and mind and could speak its mind? Although I believe eveything in the universet hat is living has a soul, there are many that think that animals do not have a soul. Would this change their minds? I personally do not agree with animal testing as I feel we do not have right to PRACTICE on any living creature. BUT... I do understand it. We would have alot more deaths with the world from diseases that were cured and found from animal testing. So, although I could not do it personally, I do agree with it.

    Now, back to the animals getting more human. I would not have a problem with it. My dog that can say "JCM, I gotta go, can you take me out?" would be pretty cool. ha ha Could you imagine a courtroom with a bird that witnessed a bank robbery.. lol But, depending on the circumstances, it could have disasterous effects. Dark Angel anyone? ;)

    Forgetting all ethics now... This science could help up in whole new arenas of understanding DNA, the Brain, diseases, and the like. Scientifically, this could be well worth it.

    I enjoyed the part that said that when they transferred a pigeons brain into a chicken, then chicken had characteristics of the pigeon in its movement and way of acting. this is quite interesting as it shows that the brain can be controlled. This will help I think alot in fighting brain type of diseases such a Alzheimers. I personally am for the science, but against the ethics.

    So, I personally support it and think it should not be outlawed, but I would not personally wan to do it. Kinda like.... I prefer to think that the meat I eat is grown naturally in the package and an animal is not harmed. :)

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    I've been following this story - quite fascinating. But then I've had an interest in natural chimera's for a while now.

    Strangely enough I was watching CSI (the show) and they had a rapist whose seminal DNA was different from his blood DNA. I decided to research the validity of it and was shocked to find out there were actual nature chimeras. This is the only one I still have bookmarked.
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    One huge repercusion of giving animals the ability to speak: they would want rights too. We keep them boxed up and feed them the same thing every day just so we can kill them when they are the right size. If they had a brain like a humans and the abilitie to speak, we would (literally) never hear the end of it.

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    This thread has make me think... Do we really have the right to just 'use' animals for our own selfish reasons? Even if animals can't communicate with us, don't they still have thoughts and feelings? Don't they still have rights?

    Don't get me wrong, I still like meat and stuff (so far :o), but it makes ya think, ya kno?
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    wow, I finding this very interesting, have never heard of chimeras before...

    this is what the dictionary has to say:

    1. An organism, organ, or part consisting of two or more tissues of different genetic composition, produced as a result of organ transplant, grafting, or genetic engineering.
    2. A substance, such as an antibody, created from the proteins or genes or two different species.
    An individual who has received a transplant of genetically and immunologically different tissue.
    3. A fanciful mental illusion or fabrication.

    Greek Mythology. A fire-breathing she-monster usually represented as a composite of a lion, goat, and serpent.
    An imaginary monster made up of grotesquely disparate parts

    And Al Vereco....if God didn't want us to eat animals, why did he make them out of meat ? ;)
  6. I have a chimera personality sometimes does this count?;)
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    I'd hate to state the obvious but humans are made of meat
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    I think that if we foil with natures normal cycle, we will alter the future, eventually vanquishing are true human nature. This goes as far as animals too. There is a cycle for which things exist and coexist, play around with that, and are future may not be so bright.

    I understand that we need to know more about specific animals to achieve certain aspects of understanding, however, if an animal was made to talk our language dont you think by now they would have developed a way for us to understand.

    I mean look at evolution of animals. What are some of the creatures that have lived with man for many yrs, cats, dogs, mice, rats, roaches, spiders, birds and yet have any of them developed the trait to think like us, speak like us in any shape fashion or form? I am not talking about teaching birds to talk, but developing these traits thru their own genetic enhancement without alterfication?