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    IF you were borned AND raised in Country, where you have access to stream and the beauty of nature. What effect does it has on a person throughout their life both spiritually and mentally? or even physically?

    How about someone that borned and rasied in Urban? How are they different compare to those that borned and raised in Country? What were your childhood? did it took place in Urban or Country?

    My childhood took place in Countryside where I have access to stream and ocean. Around the age of 5-8 I spent most of my afternoon exploring the river with friends that I met from school. We skip school once in a while just to visit the river (we even take bath) and at night we would tell ghost story and play ghost game and hide&seek at midnight! (the moon was our light). Alot of us were unsupervise.
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    My childhood was spent in the Uintah mountains. My father was never happier than when he was communing with nature - it was his church, the place he felt closest to his god. All in all it was pretty wonderful. The sights, the sounds, the smells - made me feel truly at peace. For the first 8 years of my daughter's lives my husband and I took them camping every weekend - in hopes of instilling the same appreciation and love that we have. I hope we have succeeded.

    One thing I am curious about though - to this day, I hate working in an office, being in a plane, bus - you name it. I wonder if my upbringing has something to do with my hatred of being "boxed in." I took my current job, just so I could work from home part tme. More often than not, I haul my laptop out on the patio - where I think and actually feel better.

    Interesting question you pose - what about you city kids?
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    Well i grew up in the best of both worlds so to say. the neboghorhood i grew up in had a large woods and we would play in it and build forts and clubhoues do childhood stuff. I also lived in a suburban area of New Orleans. Fourtnately i was about in teh middle from rual Liousiana and New Orleans. I could ride my bike out to the national parks and walk through the cypress marshes and see the estueries and watch this great and bueatiful eco system that is unique to certain areas. i could also ride my bik to downtown new orleans in about equal time. i can rember times me and my friend sgoing out to the "stream" in the woods and building clay dams and making flood gates and stuff that really worked. I also got involved with astronomy and i was a good enough distance from the city to have only moderate light pollution so i could see the stars and use my scope in my back yard. but it was never dark enough to see teh milky way. i did have alot of fun as a kid but my major develpoments of my psyche and philophesies on life came from reading books. and my persuit of knowldge came from a childhood 1st grade grudge to be the smartest kid in the class.......
    now im kinda alone im 17 and all my freinds either prusided different walks of life or changed to fit in i was teh only one that stayed constant and im the happiest out of them all becuase i understood my childhood valuse like tablet is talkign about the peace and sincerity of pure nature. all my freinds they have complicated their lives so much and i enjoy my simpl hobbies like astronomy, painting and carpentry.
    but that is something that i have always believed in that it is a gift to be simple

    to answer tablets question I personally would haver rathered grow up in a more rual area for it is a gift to be simple and a gift to be free to want to come now where you want to be and when you find yourself in that place just right you will be in the valley of love in delight.

    i kept thoes words in my mind a long time i never let my freinds preassure me into something i didnt feel comftorbale doing or do something i didnt enjoy and i think that is why im so happy.


    sorry if i started going off
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    I was born and raised in Wasilla, Alaska, about 45 minutes away from Anchorage. Pretty cool place, Duct Tape Capital of the World!!!!

    Beautiful mountains, crystal clear streams and creeks, and absolutely NO billboards, they're illegal.

    I spent my childhood riding bikes through the endless moose trails through the woods around my neighborhood and exploring however far up the creek we could get. We've built and found NUMBEROUS forts and even named most of them. I still remember them all and hope to go to them if i ever return. We also would ride our bikes about 2 miles to Tesoro every other week or so and get some nachos or a slushie, or wtvr. Of course we got into our fair share of trouble and ahem...actions. But it was all in the name of fun and curiosity. Like who hasnt tried to see if that blue stuff in Portapotties was flammible? Or if salmon like cherry bombs?


    Good times...
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    I had an amazing father was in the diplomatic we travelled a lot

    at an early age we lived in Samoa, then we moved to India....I left India when I was 10...India was the most brilliant place ! Except for the snakes in the garden ! We went on tiger safaris, riding on the back of elephants, I met Edmund Hillary (conqueror of Everest) and went in his jet boat up the Ganges River....we did a lot of amazing things that my kiwi mates cannot relate to....

    We then went and lived in Papua New Guinea....later my folks went to Zimbabwe, but I only visited there as I was at university by then......
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    What about music? I like calm sound and the sound of nature (ocean, forest).

    But I also like ROCK and heavy metal. Now that I live in urban it grows on me.

    Give rock and heavy music to someone that live in countryside they might not handle it. vice-versa.
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    Music, ANYTHING except bluegrass, classical and country.

    Rap, Rock, Softrock, R&B, Metal, Heavy Metal, Hard Rock, HipHop, Punk, NuMetal, Jazz, Blues, not much Pop, but basically anything.
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    I've lived in the city for all my life and if I can afford it, I want a house in the centrum of a large city. I never liked the loneliness of nature. I respect it and I would like to study it, but I wouldn't want to live there. I think this primarily has to do with the fact I feel unprotected when I am cut off from the 'civilized' world.

    Music? Avant-garde, electronica, underground hip-hop and underground post-rock. Like in literature and film, I enjoy the strange, the new and the extreme. Before you call me an elitist, I wouldn't mind if my music was mainstream (I still like Radiohead), but I just don't like most mainstream music.
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    I don't know about others, but to really think about it nature is scary and lonely. I was just a kid then when I wandered into the mountain alone. There were scary moment but I was just a kid.

    IF I were to go back and visit nature now, I think I would be afraid and feel lonely because driving a car on a long countryside's road to me is already lonely. But reliving childhood - that's a whole different story.

    So it makes sense to you that nature is dark and lonely because you've always lived in a city. You see people everyday, car, and hear noises which all becomes part of your nature. And it takes time to adapt if you were to lose it all.
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    thought I'd revive one of the oldest post, well I lived in the city when I was a youngin but since I was 4 I've been in the contry. I have an amazing view for miles of rolling hills and forest.
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    under the request of tablet i moved this thread from philosphy - social issues as it seems more fitting.