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Discussion in 'Sociology' started by malik, Apr 16, 2005.

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    Hi all
    I am doing some research on Child labour (the good and the bad-eliminating and etc..). Anyways a while back I read an article on how a soccer company which employed children was shut down and so the children were sold to prostitution by their parents because they had no other means of income. And now I can’t find the article and so wanted to know if you’ve read anything like this or have come across something similar to this? ..or can anyone shed some light on this?

    I don’t remember but the I think the company was in Sialkot Pakistan, or it could also be Nepal..YIKES..
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    What about family farms in the industrial world. Do you think child labor goes on there? I know it does.

    Not all child labor is bad. I think we have gotten too far away from work as a good thing. Kids in the industrial world fear and loathe the day they will have to provide for themselves. It is sad.

    We need to turn K-8's into little factories. That way your kid can go to school and draw a paycheck at the same time.