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Discussion in 'ID Members Lounge' started by hippyredneckhillbill, Jan 10, 2005.

  1. Is the chat room always empty?

    I was just wondering if the chat room has certian times for chat or maybe my java did work right .

    Just a wondering ole hippy:)
  2. DreamLandMafia

    DreamLandMafia Premium Member

    Nope...the chat goes basically unused around here. Atleast theres never anybody in it when I go in.
  3. helenheaven

    helenheaven Premium Member

    Just bumping this up to remind you that we DO have a chat room

    I'm surprised it isn't used more often as it was begged for...

    Anyway, I'm making it a habit to log in to it when I have some time on my hands, so hope to see you there!
  4. badkitty

    badkitty Member

    Actually, I haven't been able to get into the chatroom. It keeps asking me for my password then rejecting it?
  5. badkitty

    badkitty Member

    OK, I finally got in - does anyone know why numbers are showing up after my user name? It says "badkitty915"
  6. pineappleupsidedown

    pineappleupsidedown Premium Member

    i cant get the chat to work, thats why i am never in there

  7. mscbkc070904

    mscbkc070904 Premium Member

    Yeah I have had some probs with getting in there too, then when I finally do, no ones there.
  8. helenheaven

    helenheaven Premium Member

    well theres been a few of us in there today, pine managed to get in too...
  9. mscbkc070904

    mscbkc070904 Premium Member

    Great now I cant get it to load right. I cant win sometimes with my comp...UGHHH
  10. Icewolf

    Icewolf Premium Member

    For anyone watching the recent posts, join the chat room, it's so ronery in here.