Lit & The Arts Charles Darwin (1809-1882) gentleman naturalist

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    Since Darwin is commonly mentioned here on this site, I decided to give a snippet with the rest of Darwins story linked as well as a site that has more on Darwin. Just for those who are not to sure on who Darwin really is or was.

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    Charles Darwin (1809-1882) racist bigot

    I would just like to present a different view of this man and his friends.
    Charles Darwin,Thomas Huxley,Francis Galton all of them were racists who taught that the white (civilised man) was more evolved and superior to other races (primitive man) and dreamed of a day when the primitive races would be wiped out of existence.These theories were developed to give their racist beliefs an apparent scientific basis.
    It is impossible to read the Descent of Man and not see their agenda.

    Just a couple from many examples.