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Discussion in 'Astronomy' started by tablet, Feb 12, 2005.

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    The first time I downloaded this software I literally spent hours going through stars and observing the galaxy. This software is perfect for people who like to observe and learn. Specially people like me. All the stars are observable, you can jump from star to star, planet to planet. You can even stimulate the "orbiting" like all the 9 planets going around the sun and the time/date will match with your computer clock. You can fast forward to the future.. let's say year 2025 and find out where each planet is located. There's also "Eclipse Finder". You can even zoom in and out of the Milky Way (and even close to the planet). You can capture the screenshot and make it into JPEG and publish it here in forum or even make a movie clip out of it!

    I now know where Titan is located. Haha.


    Here's the link to download: Celestia

    Play with it. And if that's not enough, you can customize it OR just download addon created by other users. You can add in Star War / Star Trek planet/universe and explore it. Or Extra Galaxies

    *Note: This is a real-time stimulation, that mean you can explore the entire galaxy in 3d space. So you might need a decent computer (with a graphics videocard).
    *It'll take you a while to efficiently navigate around the galaxy. IF you have any problem, post a msg here and I'll try to help.
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    Cool I am downloading it now...astronomy is sort of a way on the back burner hobbie. I am trying to get back into it slowly, have alot of things going on now work, family, you know. I have been searching for a good telescope to buy. If you have any recommendations please do tell me. I am trying to get my wife involved, once I show her what she can see in the telescope and possibly get soem great photos of it she will be more interested in it. Thanks again for the site.
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    This is really cool, i really wished i knew more about astronomy but this well help me
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    There's alot you can do with this software. Once you know all the shortcut and the concept of it you will be flying. Right now I'm trying to go back in TIME to the year that all the planets lined up. This requires patience. I can speed up or slow down, but knowing the year will help. Anyone here know the year? I heard that it's around 3 B.C or 5 A.D. Not sure. When all the planets lined up it caused a bright star - Birth of Christ. I'm trying to varify this fact.

    By the way, you can actually follow Nasa's mission. Here are a few: Spacecraft