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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by tablet, Sep 24, 2004.

  1. tablet

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    What is celebrity worshiping? do we in one way or the other worship celebrity without being aware of

    If you like someone music, or art, is that worshiping?

    What if you see someone famous on TV daily and oneday you see them in flesh. How would you react?

    What's your though on this? I would like to see what's on your mind.
  2. JcMinJapan

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    I would say many go crazy when they see celebs. I used to work at a few hotels in the past. I have met many celebs and even had drinks with a few. When they would come stay, there would be many people trying to see them and many calling the hotels to find the room they are staying in. To me, that is just stupid, they are just regular people that are on TV. In my life, I have never really been impressed with OTHER people. Essentially we are all the same, no matter it one is the President of a country, a janitor, an actor/actress, a helpdesk person, a CEO of a firm, a Manager or anything else. So, for me I just think oh, they were on TV. We are all humans.
  3. oddtodd

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    I've fed a few famous people in my previous cooking career and just had to take a peek at the live version . But JCM is right , after taking a peek you just kind of shrug your shoulders and say " just another person" .
    It's kind of different in a larger city where celebs are pretty much treated like everyone else as opposed to a smaller comunity where the closest anyone is going to get is thru the TV or the theatre .

    I live in SanFrancisco and see Robin Williams a couple times a year and people just nod and politely say hello . He also filmed the movie Jumanji in my hometown in New Hampshire and asked for an anonomous reservation at a local restaurant and when the word was immediately leaked THE WHOLE CITY SHOWED UP !! just to get a glimpse .

    Many celebs live here and you run into them doing normal everyday things (it's not flooded with them like LA) you just get used to it and let them be . I did say " thankyou for all the entertainment" to RW at my local corner store about a year ago and he said " your welcome , thank you ." Kinda cool .

    One of my friends was in Mill Valley and was next to Sean Penn at a little convenience store and could not stop staring at him . On his way out , Sean looked at him and morphed his face into a stoned Spicoli and they both had a laugh .

    I did see Daryll Hanna go into a clothes shop and stood at the door and stared while my friends watched me drool , but that is more because she is so beautiful (and very tall) , not a worship thing .

    Admitedly , I did have a worship thing about KISS when I was 12-16 , but got over it when Peter and Ace left . I did see the original 4 members play about 5 years ago and stood and sang along to every song .

    Just rambling......
  4. pineappleupsidedown

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    My mom is an engineer so she was invited to the opening of a new restrutant. it was a closed event, and there were maybe only 15 ppl there that werent celebs. She got pictures with people(because she was shoved into the picture) like Rob Schneider(the hot chick, animal, Deuce Bigalow) etc.

    Well, thats my near celeb story. But I dont feel i worship celebs. I've always wanted to be a grip or something in a movie, but not to get up close with actors. I've never had a desire to meet a certain star.