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    On this site listed here you will find a timeline of an author's life's work.

    The authors name is Carlos Castaneda. I have read three book by this author. They are, "The Teachings of Don Juan, A Yaqui way of knowledge", "A Seperate Reality", "Journey to Ixtlan".

    Carlos Castaneda portrayed his work as the anthroplogical account of a fast disappearing culture.

    What do you think? Was Carlos Castaneda's books a work of science: anthropology, or a work of pure fiction?
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    My impressions from the link you gave were that Castenda wove spirituality, ancient legend with anthropology. It definitely makes for what some would consider dry reading (unless you are into anthropology to begin with) more palatable and interesting. Some cultures had no written language or certain traditions that are only handed down orally - it would be a huge loss to not document these traditions and beliefs and preserve them.

    I may not buy into transmogrification and the like but I think the ends justifies the means in this case.

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    Actually the books were spellbinding as he became the apprentice to Don Juan Matus the Yaqi indian sorcerer that he catalogs in his books. I don't know if you could be objective if you took to study a culture from an appreticeship point of view though.

    He never actually produces a Don Juan Matus at some news conference so your always left guessing.

    He was a good writer , so much so that it's hard to tell whether he is giving you a glimpse of a separate reality or making it up.
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    Good books, I thought at the time of reading them, but they definatly left that same fictitious taste in my mouth as The Celestine Prophecy.
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