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Discussion in 'Sociology' started by junior_smith, Jan 29, 2005.

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    I might persue this as a career oppurtunity here are the minimum requirements:
    include a bachelor's degree and an excellent academic record,
    with a strong interest in international affairs and solid interpersonal and communications skills.
    oreign travel, foreign language proficiency, prior residency abroad,
    military experience,
    a background in Central Eurasian, East Asian and Middle Eastern languages,
    and degrees and experience in international economics and business, as well as in the physical sciences, are preferred.
    Maximum age for entrance into this program is 35.

    i was just lookng at this and thought it was interesting, and thought i would share it for those who are also pursuing a career int he clandestine services
  2. tablet

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    [removed so people don't misunderstood that i'm a spy here :lol: ]
  3. mscbkc070904

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    junior_smith, make sure that is somethign you want to pursue, cause in that area, you cant talk about your job, you leave alot, you are put in places where danger is alot, you cant tell anyone where you went, how long, what your doing or nothing, you can get a call at 2am and leave by 5am to not be back for days, weeks, months, even a yr sometimes. Got to look at the sacrifices you make. A good example and of course this is TV is Alias Season 1 and 2. Look at what she had to give up and hide all the time. Not that you would be gone like she is all the time, but after awhile you know. Be sure its something you want. But I can tell you there are alot of testing that is done, alot of testing for the program and your entire life is investigated even up to the minute. And that is not just for your clearance but who you are and the type of person you are.

    Just giving you some things to think about. I am not trying to talk you out of it, I say go for it, but remember what you have to give up.
  4. pineappleupsidedown

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    I agree with mscbkc. With all that secrecy, its hard to get into a relationship with anyone. Imagine coming home from a hard days work and not being able to talk about what you did that day(or week or month).

    Just keep it in mind, the movies leave out a lot.

  5. tablet

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    I'm going to support mscb's view on why you should think about becoming a spy.

    "You have too many secrets, you can’t relax with outsiders. Sometimes an operative uses several identities at once. If somebody asks you a simple question, "What did you do over the weekend?" your mind goes Click! Who does he think I am? What would the guy he thinks I am be doing over the weekend? You get so used to lying that after a while it’s hard to remember what the truth is."

    It's no surprise to me that alot of people like spy/cia type of works nowaday because you have movie like Spy Kids, Alias, and many more that is being shown on TV daily. I recommend that you think deep about this because this is the dark side - once you're in there's no going back.

    An alternative to Spy is being a Hacker. Being a hacker there's nothing to hide, only knowing.

    By the way smith, what makes you want to become a spy? I remember when I was your age it has alot to do with TV and comics. Now I am a free-spirit, alot of my choice are from my own free-will.
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    I'll keep my reasons to be a spy secret for the moment, but i'm taking into cosideration the sacrifices i would need to make and with all due respect Alia is a tv show it is fiction it is not real so im not willing to stop an aspiration due to a fictious program.
  7. mscbkc070904

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    The point smith, was not what she did as an agent, but what she had to give up to be an agent, in ref to Alias. Look if you want to know more about this, DO talk to me, via U2U, I will tell you what I can. I never was one, but offered and tested to a certain point, to which where I decided this wasnt for me. However there are tons of jobs that support those agents in the field. Half of them you will find online, the other half is chatting with people to find out abotu those positions, or as in some cases, the jobs offered to you is not necessarily the job mentioned, but you wont find out about that til you have at least been interviewed once, to judge your character. And believe you wont know, not til the second interview when everything you think you are applying to has been changed and so forth.

    But if you want to maintain a life where you can talk about things in relative sense, support mechanisms are out there, lots of them. Lets just say I posted my resume on a few sites back in the beginning of the month, and my resume is not complete for certain reasons, right now I have offers all over the world, well they are US based, but the job locations are all over the world, and in levels of the field I deal with that are beyond what I do. Just something to think about. Let me know, if you want to know more, ask all of your questions.
  8. kiwirobin

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    The fact you've discussed this on this forum already disqualifies you for the job...sorry.
    The training is very tough. Beyond blood, sweet and tears.
    I have done a special service intake training when in the NZ army and didn't get past the selection. I did however take part in the selection as an "enemy party" and it aint pretty.
    Be prepared to be mentaly, physicaly and spiritually taken apart.
  9. mscbkc070904

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    No offense kiwirobin, but not at all. Cause this is well known via the net. The info is basic knowledge if you are involved with this kind of stuff. They are not disqualified, will they be questioned about it, sure, but nothing was displayed, nothing that you cant find anywhere else. Now maybe NZ has certain rules about it, but in the US. Remember confirmation on info is either confirmed or not.
  10. kiwirobin

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    No offence taken mscbkc070904 .
    Was accutaly met as a joke, sorry, dry kiwi humor.
    From now on I'll put "lol" behind my pittiful attemts at humour for clarity.
  11. mscbkc070904

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    its ok kiwi, it just didnt read as one.
    My apologies if I did offend you.
    But those persons that are interested, please do U2U me. I can not point you in the right direction but I can answer what questions you may have.