Zoology Camel Spiders: Myth or Real?

Discussion in 'Zoology' started by JcMinJapan, Nov 1, 2004.

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    Ok, this could go under Urban myths or here. But, I will do a real thing on the them, so it is here. I am doing this as a friend of mine sent this cool photo, so I had to find the truth!

    Ok, from what I have read, this picture makes them look at bit larger due to the angle of the camera. I have read that they are a bit bigger than you hand..... still too large for me... ha ha But, these have no venom and they do not attack humans. Although, they do seek shade and will run towards a hum at 10KM per hour, until they reach the shadow, then they will stop. So, if some soldier got bit by some in their sleeping bags, then they probably scared the heck out of the poor spider that was just seeking shade and thought he found a nice quiet shade filled spot. I am sure the soldiers are scared as well. Although a funny image comes into my head, I would not like to be the one that had it in my sleeping bag! ha ha

    Camel Spiders
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    Ok -- YUCK!! I hate creepy crawly things and this definately qualifies!
  3. Derek

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    Whoa, just saw this story while browsing through some of the old threads...

    Does that spider have 10 legs? Even though I don't mind most spiders, I would definitely freak if I saw that thing running at me!
  4. Iceberg

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    I don't blame people for thinking those things could take a chunk outta you, lol.
  5. pieman

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    the thing is though is that these are big deserts and it's claimed to be a nocturnal animal, seems to me that if there are local legends of a spider that eats big chunks of camel, and sometimes human, in this manner, then chances are that there is.

    i mean it's a bit more likely that some guy that spends his whole life in the desert knows more about the animals that live there than an arachnologist in seatle.

    and it's not as if injecting anesthetic into your prey is unheard of, vampire bats and mossies both do it. it might not be eating us soldiers but i bet they do exsist.