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    Actually the humps on the back of a camel are just mounds of fat and they can even weight up to 85 or so pounds! Now, the size of the hump will give the overall state of health of a camel. The reason is, is that a camel can live weeks without food and water. These humps will provide the nourishment during these long times without it. Now, the longer they go without the food and water, they smaller the humps get. They will become flabby as the fat is reduced than just the skin remains. So, the healthier camels have nice full and more solid humps. Also, did you know that camels are the only mammals that have humps?
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    :hail::hail: I thought everyone knew this.

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    Cool japan I didn't know that I thought it was water storage.
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    I LOVE CAMELS! And you are exactly right, JCM, about your camel info. A lot of people do NOT know those things. We did a research questionaire just a few years back and one of the questions was "What is the purpose of the Camel/Dromedary Hump?" We got some REALLY funny answers from the "college" educated adults, from water, to milk, to baby camels. LOLOLOLOLOLOL Seriously, it is interesting, some people know some things, others know other things, but not everyone knows everything!
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    kl you learn osmthing new everyday especially on here :p
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    Thats the whole idea of this forum, to learn and expand our minds.