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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by MidnightDStroyer, Apr 10, 2005.

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    This is an event that actually happened to a friend of mine quite a few years ago...Way back in the early 80's. I couldn't believe my ears when he told me, but the story wound up in the newspaper the next day, so I knew he couldn't be BS'ing me about this.

    My friend was working in a local gas station when a car pulled up along side the building...Not to get gas, but so that the driver could let his girl friend get out of the passenger side & go buy something.

    It turns out that my friend actually recognized her from his high school days. Even though he never really knew her, he still recognized her face. She even wore a jacket that had her first named embroidered just off the left side of the zipper.

    She had her hand in the pocket of the jacket & pointed the lump at him, demanding that he empty the cash register & give her the money. Needless to say, he wasn't getting paid enough to risk getting shot over somebody else's money, so he did what she demanded. He was even able to point out her picture in the school yearbook to the police afterwards, since he got a really good look at her face.

    She then left the station, got back in the car & her boyfriend drove right past the front window, giving my firend a real good look at the make, model & license plate. He then called the police & the station's manager & gave his report.

    Later that same evening, the police caught up with the burglar...They were spending the money in a bar. During questioning, it was determined that the "get-away driver" had no idea what his girl friend did in the gas station...Which is why he drove out of the station so slowly as to give my friend a good look at the driver & car for the police to ID.

    The burglary was obviously an impulsive act because there was no way anyone would be stupid enough to *plan* it that way in advance. She was still charged with burglary but her boy friend was released without being charged...Perhaps he went back out bar-hopping to find a new girl friend?
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    The things that people do. You'd have to claim outright stupidity in case like that? "your honor, obviously I'm a moron and don't know what I was thinking - you have my word that I will not breed."

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    She will go for temporary insanity... ha ha ha ha