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    Bull\'s Eye

    Some thoughts....

    Aldebaran, is a binary star in the Taurus Constellation and is known as the Eye of the Bull, (or All seeing Eye, symbol is a dot inside a triangle, same as BL) have a read here


    There is quite a legend around Taurus and the eye of the bull, maybe linked to BL ? Just a thought, but the labyrinth does look like a target (bull's eye)... and the legend relates around the Minotaur and the labyrinth ...

    see the legend here:


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  2. helenheaven

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    Also, Taurus (the bull) zodia date runs from April 21 - may 21

    "The significance of the number twelve is very evident throughout history, from the twelve months within our year, to the twelve hours on our clocks, to the twelve Strands of D.N.A. within our bodies, to the Twelve Tribes of Israel, to the Twelve Gates of the New Jerusalem. The Twelve Tribes of Israel (sons of Jacob) were assigned specific places by Jacob in the Bible (Genesis 49.1-28). These places have an Astronomical comparable, which are the Constellation/Zodiac Signs positions...."

    Taurus is the 12th son of Jacob

    (just trying to tie in the 21 / 12 sequence we have!)

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  3. tablet

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    Great finding! I think this will lead somewhere soon. Here's a shot from Celestia:


    I'm going to read on this further to see where it will take us.

    I wonder how we're going to map this into BL's symbol.

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  4. Mizar

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    Wow shows how much I know missing aldeberan as a binary...

    HOLY crap thats right! just the other night I was trying to split the two and I couldn't because aldeberan is su much brighter and biger.

    wowzer I feel stupid..:p:o:wow:

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  5. Icewolf

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    Thought I might point out the flaw, that the Taurus date is not April 21 - May 21, due to the galactic drift, pointed out in "Debunking Astrology"
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    If it is a binary star set we're looking for then these are the tau (taurus) binaries.

    Maybe if the Labyrinth is aligned with one of these it might reveal something?

    My next question is...If we have the key, where's the lock???

    I'm still looking for the...
    "they lie in piles of two's and three's,
    for two alone cannot fullfill...
    like binary stars hidden in plain sight.",

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  7. kiwirobin

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    Oh yeah, the Phi tau has my interest.
    Phi being the Golden Ration.
    Another avenue I'm wandeling.

    I'm off skiing, Yeeeeaaahaaaa, but will take some research material with me for the evenings.
    Can't wait to get back and see how your all getting on.
  8. Mizar

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    the Phi is just because stars in constelations are named after the greek alphebet and in taurus its tau alpha, tau beta tau phi etc....
  9. kiwirobin

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    WOW, just noticed this...

    theta1 and theta 2,
    and it's in in Hyades

    But where are the piles of two's and three's?
  10. Mizar

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    the hades cluster is in a triangluar shape with each side consisting of 2 stars which are binaries..



    The bright orange star at the left top of the V is aldeberan the Eye of the bull. The hyades doubbles are eaisly visible to the unaided eye in a dark area.
  11. kiwirobin

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    Very interesting Mizar, thanks.

    Wonder how the triangle at the center of the labyrinth superimposes on the V?

    Dang I wish I had a Good grafics prog. anyone know a good download for one?
  12. kiwirobin

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    My thoughts on the last poem before I go to the snow.

    I take it this is the link to BL?

    If you need to "look back unto the ground" you must be lying on it looking up.
    "The answers lie behind the dark," being the night sky?
    We could be on the right track with the binary star idea.

    also from a previous poem...

    Has anyone tried to make the Labyrinth into a negitive image, I can't.
    If you stare at a negitive image for abot 30 seconds it forms a memory image on the retina.
    If you then look at a white background you can see a clear origional image. Maybe worth a try????

    Here's an example of what I mean...

    Good luck and see you in a couple of weeks.
  13. tablet

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    What lead us here is the fact that the centre of BL has a Triangle shape. And so we strive to look for similarity in Constellation. So far only 3 that seems to match.

    1: Taurus
    2: Triangulum
    3: Triangulum Australe

    Number 2 and 3 Have perfect shape of the triangle. 1 is the bull. Have anyone here read into the Stars and the story/myth that surround it?

    I try to map the Constellation into BL disc and it's very very confusing. I will find a flat map of the constellation, maybe this will make it easier to rule out the possibility.

    To do: I heard that each Pyramid when built, it points to a star. So why not study pyramid and what stars it pointed to and read more about that star or story surround it. Maybe all the dots on the BL disc is actually a pyramid itself? And the Centre is the "Great Pyramid"?? And the circle are nothing but line trying to connect the pyramid?
  14. tablet

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