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  1. mscbkc070904

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    I just signed up for this site a few moments ago, been hooked on ATS for 3 wks, but sometimes the issues there go a little benign at times or what have you. I never really accessed this board til today and I like alot of the topics, more down my ally.

    I do have a couple of questions:

    1. ATS awards points for posting or replying or submitting, I dont see that here, I do see stars, what are they for?

    2. Whats the age limit on here, minium, cause my son wants to mess around here, he really likes alot fo the topics here too. He's 13 now almsot 14, dang I am getting old fast.

    Thanks for your help and hope to see you around here soon.
  2. /Future Corpse/

    /Future Corpse/ Premium Member

    I do not believe there to be an age limit although the topics may or may not be considered interesting for someone of that age.
  3. oortpower

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    Don't assume that the younger mind is inferior or not as capable. Kids just might have a short attention span, thats all. This forum's topics are sort of "high forehead" if you will, but that doesn't mean they are boring.
  4. /Future Corpse/

    /Future Corpse/ Premium Member

    Actually I did not say anything either negative or positive about any individual or group in my prior statement. Different people find different things of interest is all. 13 year old boys may or may not be into the general topics of this site. I can not say as far as the commonly shared interests of males that age because I have not been a 13 year old boy in quite sometime. And my forehead is shaped exactly how it is suppose to be. Thank you very much!:p
  5. JcMinJapan

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    Certainly Glad to have you and your son on board. I have answered your questions below.
    The stars represent how many times you have posted. We make the stars difficult to get to encourage people to post quality stuff and not just stuff. I have found that if you make things a bit easy, people will jsut post to have alot of stars. We are not here for the decoration, but the knowledge. :D The titles are just for fun...

    No age limit here. We try to keep the subject matter for all ages and do not allow cursing, trolling, or abusing here. We want to encourage learning at all ages.
  6. pineappleupsidedown

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    How did you choose your sn, i am curious.

    As for age limit, I believe that legally you have to be 13 or older to be on a forum of any kind. But ID is a kid-safe site, so you dont have to worry about your kid being on here.

    Hope you and your son enjoy it here!