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  1. oddtodd

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    A death has occured at the traveling carnival , one half of the worlds smallest twins has been found dead by his own hand , they both shared the record for the worlds smallest man for many years . Their envy for each other was well known as each wanted the title all to himself . They were very old and starting to have trouble walkig due to advanced arthritis .
    A rookie cop quickly fills out a suicide report while the senior detective searches the room . He tells the rookie to stop and fill out a homicide report , and to go arrest the mans twin brother

    The evidence he found was two pieces of wood of different lenghts , some sawdust , and a small saw .

    Explain ?
  2. pineappleupsidedown

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    does it have anything to do with a see saw? (serious question-well, as serious as you can be when talking about circus shorties)

  3. junior_smith

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    it has something to do with one twin changing thelengths of the wood to create the illusion that one twin was chaning in height or something right?
  4. oddtodd

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    You got it ! The wood was from the arthritic little fellas cane . The brother cut a bit off of it to fool the other into thinking he was growing and hence had nothing to live for . Good job little_smith !
  5. pineappleupsidedown

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    Wow, cant say I liked that one very much. Its not really murder if he only convinces his brother that he is growing.

  6. oddtodd

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    Assisted suicide then ? And we all know how illegal that is , especially in carnivals and Michigan .