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Discussion in 'ID Members Lounge' started by rawiea, Dec 7, 2004.

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    I hope I'm in the proper forum for this.
    I'm writing this for my wife. She has not joined, yet, but would like to get some opinions on a situation, and so would I.
    She is a 49 year old Grandmother, and not a prude. She has run into this mostly in NE Ohio where we live, but also in Michigan, and in West Virginia.
    Basically, at what age should women stop bringing their sons into the ladies room? She gets very upset--to the point of yelling loud enough for me to hear outside the room. She has no problem with young boys in there, but has a definate problem when they are of school age. Before somebody suggests it, I am NOT talking about boys with a noticible handicap.These children should be big enough to not need help.
    Several times she has been told by Defensive Mothers to "Mind Your Own Business". She feels it is a privacy matter and is minding her own business. She has had some of those boys look under the stall door. The oldest "peeper" was about 8 years old. His mother claimed that she could not send him into the Mens Room because perverts might be in there.
    We both felt that was a lame excuse, however, it is the most common reason she gets. Contacting Store Managers accomplishes nothing, because they do not seem concerned AFTER it has taken place.
    Once, after hearing the a mother and son urinate in the same stall, the boy, about 3rd grade (8 or 9 years), exited with his mother as my wife was washing up. When my wife confronted the mother, she got the same old "Pervert" excuse.
    Is this becoming common everyplace?
    What is to keep these kids from becoming the very "perverts" the mothers are afraid of?
    Will they respect women as they get older, or decide women have no rights, including privacy?
    When our daughter, and later our granddaughter, were big enough to get on and off the toilet unassisted, I quit taking them to the Men's Room. I'd wait outside the Ladies Room door for them. We always carried those disposable hand wipes to wash up so I had no worry about her reaching the sink. Yes, mostly my wife took the girls, but there were times she was not with us. Was I doing the wrong thing? By today's standards, maybe--unless perverts can only be male.
    By the way, these days we buy the unscented "baby wipes" usually found beside the disposable diapers. They keep in the car and are great for a quick wash up.
  2. pineappleupsidedown

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    i agree you need to draw the line. I think the line should be drawn once a child gets to kindergarden. They do not need to be escorted at school, so why anywhere else?

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    I have to agree, I think 5 is around that time to cut the leash. These are prolly the same women that breastfeed there 5-6 year olds, yikes! If the kid knows how to use the potty, then he should do it on your own.
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    Some places have a "Family Restroom", it's separate from both mens and women's rooms, for difficult situations like an elderly parent, child with special needs, etc, I wish more places would put those in.

    I agree that the line should be drawn around age 5 for a "normal circumstances" child.
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    NEVER NEVER Let your children go into public restrooms by themselves, no matter what unless they are old enough to beat the crap out of any perve that "might" be lurking there and please don't say it doesn't happen because in America things DO happen. If your child isn't able to defend or herself...go with the child I don't care HOW old they are and I AM A GRANDMOTHER TOO OF FIVE BEAUTIFUL GRANDCHILDREN. Now that I am calming back down I must just say, please if you take your young children into a ladies restroom, instruct them in MANNERS also! Peeking under doors is NOT appropriate behavior for eight year olds or any age!

  6. websurfer

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    I agree with OhIgnorantOne.

    This only applies when the child is with the mother alone. But if the father's around then I see no reason why the dad should not claim any responsibility.

    You people are crazy, letting a kindergartener into a washroom unsupervised. ROFLMFAO Peeping Toms do not come out of escorting a kindergartener into a washroom. Better safe than sorry is the way to go.

    Enrollment in Self Defense classes also helps.
  7. marg6043

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    I quite don't remember when I stopped taking my boy to the ladies room, and my husband never took my daughter to the men rooms.

    Its been a lot of things going on with perverts in men rooms and littler boys by themselves for mothers to be scare enough to bring their young ones into the lady's room with them.

    The only time I had a littler one bending over to look from under the partition he was just about 3 or 4 and the mother pull him immediately.

    So I can't say that I had bad experiences.
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    umm, "perverts" in men's bathrooms..umm ive been going to piss in a mens bathroom since like, i was like 6, alone nothing happend to me...

    Americans i swear.. lol no offense
  9. I agree with most of the post in here. % should be the cut off. I remember the post in here,I believe about breastfeeeding in public and the kid was 5, that is a different story. Other people in a public restroom might not feel comfortable. :spam: