Technology Beaming sights, sounds into brain

Discussion in 'Technology' started by tablet, Apr 9, 2005.

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    A whole new world if you think about it. Not to long ago they came out device where you stick next to your computer that release smell (artificially generated). I’ve seen it demonstrated on TV and not sure how well it’s doing now. It’s a funny thought if you think about it a volume speaker, a microphone, and then a digital smell generator???

    This however is way different, beaming sights and sounds into the brain are Sony next mission for their PlayStation!

    I believe a whole new philosophy will come out of this. We no longer naturally perceiving thing, it now comes to us while staring at the TV. Like all things, there are always a negative and a positive, what would the side affect be if this technology become common one day? What if tomorrow I have this device that is able to beam sights and sounds and perhaps even images! Right into your brain and we will do this like a game of hide and seek.

    The good side I can think of is online shopping (smell the items) and a few more I can't think of at the moment.

    The experience of technology is just getting real and real.
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    I think if this does happen it will be taken advantage of for war tech reasons. I think it's a bad Idea, I mean if this is used commonly people could really mess with u. U wont be able to trust what u really are sencing. But on the good side it could help blind?def people but overall I'd say too many un-answered questions.
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    Well you heard NINTENDO's new slogan for their new system..

    "Touching is good. Feeling is better."

    I can't even imagine what they have in mind
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    Reminds me of a Red Dwarf episode, called Better than Life... I for one would love to have a world to get out into and explore for fun!