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    SOLANA BEACH, Calif. -- A 19-year-old man armed with a BB gun opened fire on students and their parents outside a Solana Beach school, scaring several people but injuring no one, authorities said.

    Rivera allegedly fired the gun, which resembled a .45-caliber handgun, from the balcony of his girlfriend's home, Deputy Steven Magwood said.

    He told deputies he didn't understand why there was any problem since the gun was not real, Magwood said. His motive was unclear.[/quote]

    The guy is just a moron... ha ha How can someone not know what the problem was with his actions? ha ha
  2. Heres a personal story to go along with that one.

    When my little brother was about 14 he and some friends were playing around with a BB Gun at a neighbors house. One of the kids happened to be deaf. While playing around, one of the kids pumped the chamber several times on the gun, getting it ready to shoot. He laid the gun down agains the side of the house and started watching everyone else. Several of the kids were playing around like they were shooting each other, and the deaf kid took notice of this. Eventually he grabbed the gun that was loaded, and proceeded to join in on the fun. He picked out one of the younger kids and placed the barrel of the gun agains the other kids butt like he was going to shoot him in the tail. Unfortunately the kid didnt know the gun was loaded and he fired it. The BB traveled up the kids rear end and lodged inside his colon. It took the doctors several hours to remove the BB without damaging the rest of the colon and intestines. Several lawsuits were filed. Long standing family friendships were lost, and the kids learned a valuable lesson. Never give a deaf kid a loaded gun.
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    S&C: That is really bizzare. Sounds like a film short meant for Tarantino. I would watch, out of sheer morbid curiosity. On the topic of the original post, the guy is lucky a cop didnt see him and go after him. If the guy thought nothing was wrong, his hesitance would be enough time to pump 40 real rounds into him by police.