Technology Battle of the Cookies

Discussion in 'Technology' started by tablet, Apr 7, 2005.

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    Cookies have a lot to do with internet browser. It’s a text file that holds information on times/dates you have visited a site. Other information can be added to this text (cookies) as well such as your IP, username when you login to a forum such as ID. The whole purpose of cookie is to store data temporary and should automatically be destroyed once you leave a website.

    Cookies save time of re-entering username/password when you visit a forum such as ID. You can just leave the forum without loggin out and come back later. Cookies also prevent the same popup from showing. Overall it saves hassle. Company are now trying to find ways to restore deleted cookies.

    We all know what anti-spyware program does, it try its best to eliminate cookies and spyware, the problem? Most users don’t know that this is the job of anti-spyware program. They just run the anti-spy and later find out that they have to renter their username/passsword when visit the same forum, or having the same popup showing. They don’t like that, so this thing on restoring cookies might put a smile on their face.

    BUT what about the security conscious user who keep on deleting cookies and doesn’t want any of it coming back!? This is the problem, the average pc user who doesn’t care about security/privacy will be happy, while those that care will not.

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    Grrrrr I swear one of these days I am gonna quit using the internet if something isnt dont about this kind of garbage. The guy makes it sound like us internet users 'aint learned very good' and therefore we should be prevented from doing what we want to do when we are online.
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    Just block cookies from the websites you dont want. Its very easy in Firefox, but I am unsure about IE since well, IE sucks stuff I cant mention on here. :p