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    No not Battlefeild 1942 its a free online game that loads right off the intrenet. No download or email required. I have been playing it on and off for like 4 years and decided to start playing again 3 days ago. The pourpose of the game is simple there are 4 teams of tanks, Red, Blue, Purple, Orange. You control one tank. You really do not work together with your team. What you do is move about this huge map where there are at time maybe 50 other tanks. Each tank has a rank. You start out as a rectruit then you get promted to private, corporal, sergant, Lt, captain, major, Co, General. You get prommoted by gaining points. You gain points by destroying other tanks and simply by shooting them. You are awarded awards if you kill 100 tanks, 200, and 300. If you become deiactivated by another tank you loose your rank and are demoted one. You can gather specail equipment like sheilds and missiles to shoot over rocks.

    The game can be fun and addicting. You might want to check it out here.

    I play as an Orange tank under the name "Sunmaster" in the map Castles.
    If you join state your tank name, color, and map.

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    sounds a lot like bz flag to me, only you hd to download BZ, but it was quite kool. Maybe later this week i'll get round to tryingthis game out.