Archaeology Australian dig unearths priceless Egyptian mummies

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    Australian archaeologists have uncovered the world's best-preserved Egyptian mummies after finding three coffins believed to be some 2600 years old.

    The Australian team, headed by Macquarie University's Professor of Ancient History, Naguib Kanawati, was digging near the Saqqara pyramids, 25 kilometres south of Cairo, when they found three coffins dating from the 26th Dynasty (664-525 BC) last week.

    The head of Egypt's Supreme Council for Antiquities, Zahi Hawass, said: "In one of the (coffins) there is one of the best preserved mummies ever found dating from the 26th Dynasty."
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    I dont like hawass he is to controlling and wont give out permission to dig even if there is 100 percent proof
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    Update: Australian Team Find Burial of Tutor to Pharaoh

    CAIRO (Reuters) - Australian archaeologists have discovered a tomb thought to belong to the tutor of the Pharaoh Pepi I, who ruled Egypt more than 4,200 years ago, the Egyptian government's chief archaeologist said on Thursday.
    The archaeologists found the tomb last month alongside one containing three coffins from a much later period, Zahi Hawas, chairman of the Supreme Council for Antiquities, told Reuters.

    "This discovery is very important because the owner of the tomb was a tutor and we believe that he was the tutor of King Pepi I," he said.

    It lies to the north of the pyramid of Teti, the father of Pepi I, in the ancient necropolis of Saqqara, about 12 miles south of Cairo. Pepi I ruled from about 2332 to 2282 BC.

    "As indicated by the inscriptions in his tomb, the tutor's name is Mery and the two statues carved on the false door are of him and his wife," Hawas added.

    Hawas said Mery was also believed to be the overseer of the four sacred boats that were buried beside the nearby pyramid, and the discovery of the tomb might help throw light on the mysterious relationship between the boats and the pyramid.