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    LIMASSOL, Cyprus (Nov. 14) - A U.S. researcher on Sunday claimed he had found the lost civilization of Atlantis in the watery deep off Cyprus -- adding his theory to a mystery which has baffled explorers for centuries.

    Robert Sarmast says a Mediterranean basin was flooded in a deluge around 9,000 BC which submerged a rectangular land mass he believes was Atlantis, lying beneath sea level between Cyprus and Syria.

    "We have definitely found it," said Sarmast, who led a team of explorers 50 miles or 80 kilometers off the south-east coast of Cyprus earlier this month.

    But Cyprus' chief government archaeologist, Pavlos Flourentzos, was skeptical. "More proof is necessary,'' he said.

    "The myth of Atlantis has been around for ages and it is generally believed that, if it ever existed, it was somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean - hence its name," Flourentzos added. "But ancient cities and civilizations in the Mediterranean region, such as the Minoan civilization of Crete, have disappeared as a result of major volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. For all we know, Atlantis may well have existed in our region.''

    Deep water sonar scanning had indicated man-made structures on a submerged hill, including a wall, a walled hill summit and deep trenches, he said. Further explorations were needed, he added.

    "We cannot yet provide tangible proof in the form of bricks and mortar as the artifacts are still buried under several meters of sediment, but the circumstantial and other evidence is irrefutable," he claimed.

    At a news conference in the port city of Limassol, Sarmast provided only animated simulations of the "hill."

    Whether and where Atlantis existed has captured imaginations for centuries.

    According to ancient Greek philosopher Plato, Atlantis was an island nation where an advanced civilization developed some 11,500 years ago.

    Theories abound as to why it disappeared, from Atlantis being hit by a cataclysmic natural disaster to Greek mythology which describes the civilization as being so corrupted by greed and power that it was destroyed by God.

    Skeptics believe Atlantis was a figment of Plato's imagination.

    Sarmast says he was led to Cyprus by clues in Plato's dialogues. Plato's reference to Atlantis lying opposite the Pillars of Hercules -- believed to be the Straits of Gibraltar -- have often led explorers to focus on either the Atlantic Ocean, Ireland or the Azores off Portugal.

    "People who dismiss this have not really done their homework, skeptics don't really understand. To understand the enigma of Atlantis you have to have good knowledge of ancient history, Biblical references, the Sumerian culture and their tablets and so on," said Sarmast.

    Although the most prevailing story of a world cataclysm is listed in the Biblical Old Testament, several ancient cultures do list accounts of civilizations being destroyed in floods.

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    This wouldn't be the first time something like this has come up. I'm not sure if I believe this yet, for me there has to be more evidence.
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    But wouldn't it be ultra cool if this is real ?

    They would have to do a re run of Man from Atlantis !
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    Yup, I've read about the Santorini island/volcano and how it's eruption caused the demise of Crete's Minoic culture. However, some others say there's proof of Atlantis in the Caribbean, namely the so called "Bimini road", a long stone structure similar to a wall and allegedly man made. I think saying "Atlantis found off Cyprus" is a bit too optimistic....
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    lost civilization under ground? theres one off the coast of japan, and some kind of pyramid in the cuba area under water (i think, ive heard that from people not news lol) theyre all underwater!! The flood, Noah's Ark!! lol, and the way the Earth cnaged, the continents, the dinasaurs wiped out, the flood! And "experts" say it was all "volacanic eruptions" and commets..thats their explanation for everything!! lol
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    Has anyone heard anymore on the claim in this?

    Also, I am hoping to take a SCUBA trip to the Japanese underwater pyramids in the next few years.
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    That sounds cool JcMin take an underwater camera with you!!
    As for atlantis being off Cyprus i dont think so. I think it was a land mass in the middle of the atlantic. I kknew a site with a geographical picture/map, of an underwater landmassin the mid atlantic. It fits platos descriptions and is a good sized island/continent. I'll keep looking for the site that had the information and picture its quite interesting.