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Discussion in 'Human Biology' started by JcMinJapan, Sep 1, 2004.

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    I thought it would be interesting to have people post jobs that they are interested in or are doing now. This may help others decide what career paths are good or not so good for them. I am very curious about this job.
    I would love to hear from some that are actually in the field and learn more of what your REAL daily jobs and work is like.

    Some great information to learn more about this field can be found at:

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    Aquatic Biologist or Zoologist?

    I am not sure which one I want to go with, do to the fact that I like to dive and aquatic bio gives me that opportunity not to mention I am moving to the state of 10,000 lakes, Minnesota. However, being a zoologist would give me the chance to work with a variety of animals.

    What I plan to do if I go with zoologist, is become a DVM then try to establish myself within the zoo, then later go on to domestic vet and maybe open my own practice. Here are both descriptions:

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    If I could do it all over again - maybe microbiology.

    With everything going on with ESA and NASA lately - science with an emphasis on biology/geology is the way to go.