Astronomy Asteroid ALERT! 2029

Discussion in 'Astronomy' started by JcMinJapan, Dec 24, 2004.

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    NASA has just released this news. This shows the real danger of the world we live in. I wonder what will happen if it did impact the earth... hmm Is it large enough for climate changes or just some bad damage?

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    I thought we had no way of seeing asteriods that could possibly hit us?

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    Form the looks of it Pine. THIS asteroind was a unidenitified NEO and it recently made a near earth orbit making its presence known to us. There are many observatiroies that find and catlouge asteroids for goverment funding. After they find it they write down corridiantes and then use horibily tricky math to calculate the orbit, speed, and distance of the asteroids. Astronmy has alot of math dealt with it.

    IF you are seirously intrested in learn the math of planetry orbtitals, and other stuff check out these books.. Astronomical Algorithms: Jean Meeus: Books

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    The problem also is that these things are so difficult to spto anyhow. They are super small in comparison to a moon or planet. They also travel at great speeds as well. Much of this has to do with luck. It is like finding that darned mosquito in your room in the middle of the night. You catch a glimpse and then it is gone. then you have to just look everywhere until luckily you can find it and squash it. Thie is much like asteroid hunting. You have to FIND them a few time and estimate the direction and speed, and location, then plot the course. The more times it is noticed, the better the prediction they can come up with. so, that is why they say that they will be able to rule it out or in as a hit on the earth after a few more obsersations. Everything is very rough right now in the guestimation. But, it will come awefully close to us either way.
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    COrrect me If I'm wrong but wasnt Shoemaker Levy 9 suppsoed to impact earth also aroun 2040 had it not been pulled by Jupiter?
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    The asteroid has been confirmed to not be on an impact course with the Earth in 2029. That of course is assuming that nothing changes its trajectory.

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    Thats a close one!
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    What is to keep this thing from breaking up and winding up orbiting our planet until gravity finally takes over causing the orbiting pieces to enter our atmosphere?

    Is this a probability?

    and would our moon end up 'saving' us once again as it obviously has in the past? How big is this astroid and what damage would be done to the moon if it hit?

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