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    I decided to use some bleach on a couple "gifts"
    from my 17 year old tabby and noticed a foaming on certain spots . It is now difficult to breath and my eyesight is becoming blurry with no alchohol involved .

    I was seriously wondering if any ammonia in my boys "wizz gifts" may be making mustard gas with the bleach ?

    Regardless , we are heading out to the patio for the duration....

    doors and windows are open and all house flies seemed to have stopped living for the time being .

    Later !
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    Too bad you didn't! :D lol
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    That was harsh ! I put this into the chemistry forum to actually inspire some thoughts about chemical reactions in everyday life ....
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    To understand the effects chlorine gas has on the body, we first need to understand the chemical properties of chlorine, particularly its valence, or number of chemical bonds chlorine can form. Chlorine is in the seventh of the traditional groups of elements, one before the group of inert gases, which, as their name suggests, are almost completely unreactive. Chlorine has seven electrons in its outer electron shell.

    The Octet Rule states that all elements try to fill in their outer electron shell until they have eight electrons. When a chemical has eight electrons in its outer shell, it is then stable. Being so close to having 8 electrons in its outer shell, chlorine is quite desperate to get that one last electron - and will literally rip other atoms apart to do so. This is what happens to your respiratory system when you inhale chlorine gas. The gas tears into your nasal passages, trachea, and lungs by causing massive cellular damage. Obviously, chlorine gas causes a very painful death.
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    #@!&% ! had the door and windows opened since I gassed the place , glad I did !