Archaeology Archaeologists find a 2,400 year-old mask of a king

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    In the Bulgarian version of the Valley of the Kings archaeologist George Kitov discovered the 1/2 kilogram, gold mask. the mask is supposed to rival that of agamemmon's mask from the iliad. The mask is from the Thracian people, and it is now dtermined that these people were as great as the egyptians or greeks. The mask is said to rival the treasures of tutankhamun. It is now in the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences in Sofia, where it is being studied along with other treasures recovered from the tomb including a solid gold ring and a necklace.


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    I read your links - I am absolutely speechless. What an incredible find and I have heard nothing about before now.

    Great post!
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    I want to e-mail an archaeologist associated with thracians or possibly even a memeber of the team who found it and get there take on it. I think that would be a good bit of info for ID.
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    let us know what you hear back from the archaeologist -- This is a great story -- I hadn't heard about it before this either.