Archaeology Arab scholar cracked 'Rosetta code' 800 years before the West

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    Arab scholar cracked \'Rosetta code\' 800 years before the West

    I first heard of this on ATS, so there is a little plagerizing in this post. lol

    it appears as though an arab alchemist had interpretted hieroglyphs, 800 years before the west!!!

    this is an interesting and cool find
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    I had heard about this, too.

    There was an article in the Observer about it, written by Robin McKie (Science Editor). The article centers on the research of Dr. Okasha El Daly, who found the work of Ahmad bin Abu Bakr ibn Wahshiyah, a 9th-century alchemist.

    Also, CNN carried a more reserved account from Reuters:

    Here's a response to the articles from Lennart Sundelin, Dept. of History, Rutgers University:

    I appears as though the ancient Arabs were on the right track, but had not completely deciphered the language, as Champollion had.

    This is still very interesting. What if there were other contemporaries of Ibn Wahshiyah, who had gotten farther than he had? Perhaps a manuscript is out there, just waiting to be discovered.

    At the very least, El Daly has challenged the "conventional wisdom that ancient Arabs and Muslims dismissed ancient Egypt as an irrelevant pagan civilization".

    Archaeology rocks! :cheers:

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    Interesting stuff guys :up: