History April 16th

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    0556 - Pelagius I begins his reign as Catholic Pope
    1346 - King Stefanus IX of Serbia proclaims himself czar of Greece
    1509 - French army under Louis XII enters Alps
    1724 - 1st Easter observed (OS=Apr 9)
    1789 - George Washington heads for 1st presidential inauguration
    1854 - San Salvador destroyed by earthquake
    1861 - US president Lincoln outlaws business with confederate states
    1862 - Slavery abolished in District of Columbia
    1862 - US Confederate Congress calls up all white males (18-35 years)
    1866 - Karakozov attempts to assassinate Tsar Alexander II of Russia
    1866 - Nitroglycerine at Wells Fargo and Co office explodes
    1869 - Ebenezer Bassett, 1st US Negro diplomat, begins service in Haiti
    1871 - German Empire ends all anti-Jewish civil restrictions
    1900 - US Post Office issues 1st books of postage stamps
    1908 - Natural Bridges National Monument forms (Lake Powell Utah)
    1912 - Harriet Quimby becomes 1st woman pilot to cross English Channel
    1917 - Lenin returns to Russia to start Bolshevik Revolution
    1921 - Liberal Freedom League forms in The Hague
    1938 - Great-Britain recognizes Italian annexation of Abyssinia
    1939 - Stalin requests British, French and Russian anti-#@!&% pact
    1946 - 1st US launch of captured V-2 rocket, White Sands, NM; 8 km alt
    1956 - 1st solar powered radios go on sale
    1964 - Geraldine Mock of US is 1st woman to fly solo round the world
    1972 - 2 giants pandas arrive in US, from China
    1972 - Apollo 16 launched; 5th manned lunar landing (Decartes Highlands)
    1978 - St Louis Card Bob Forsch no-hits Phillies, 5-0
    1986 - To dispel rumors he's dead, Moammar Gadhafi appears on TV
    1990 - Supreme Court rejects appeal from retarded man, Dalton Prejean, condemned to death for murdering a Louisiana state trooper in 1977
    1993 - Jury reaches guilty verdict in Federal case against cop who beat Rodney King, but the verdict is not read until April 17th