ID Lounge Any one know a latin phrase used by intelligence?

Discussion in 'ID Members Lounge' started by junior_smith, Sep 24, 2004.

  1. junior_smith

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    in Deception point by dan Brwon he describes a phrase, something like 'sacrifice few to save many', but it's in latin, could you tell emwhat the phrase is or even what section of the book it's in, i've skimmed it loosely about 2 times now.

    this is drving me nuts and would be a massive help thx
  2. oddtodd

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    Found a cool translation site but latin has many variations of words relating to tense , posession , action etc... Here are the words you asked about and a link to the page , maybe something will ring a bell .

    sacrifice : vitualamen, sacrificum, piaculum, devoveo

    few : pauci

    to : ut, tenus, procul, cupio, gratia, ad

    save : servo, salvifico

    many : plures, plura, multi, multis
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    All for one and one for all - Three Musketeers
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    i know my name means burden in latin (gravare, that is)
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    Sic vis pacem para bellum. If you want peace prepare for war.
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    And so you are...:roll:
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    who, me?