Any new research ideas?

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    We are looking for research ideas into serious subjects.... It can be about anything that is not conspiracy related. ATS is a great site for doing that research. I am hoping we have some buff in here about black holes, time travel.. yes, time travel without the who is hopping around where... serious research into it... basically any of the sciences and yes, I will even let philosphy in there as long as it is a serious study. :D

    Any ideas? We would like to do semi-professional research here. You never know, if we are serious, we may get some real live researchers in here to help out. ;)

    People who successfully lead projects to the end will be able to have a special title. sorry, that is the best we can do.
  2. JcMinJapan

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    Time Travel
    Black Holes
    Global Warming
    How were the pyramids made
    Big Bang
    what is gravity itself...... We know the effects, but what is it?
    The philosophers stone
    Free Energy
    Perpetual motion
    Wormhole Creation
    A synopsis of which chemical reactions control which emotions
    How to end the Isreal / Palestine conflict (serious research and proposals)
    Is luck just luck or is it a sort of virus?

    You can hit some of the strange stuff out there, but do real research on it. But, no hiding of aliens, government coverups, or secret society stuff.

    Just to name a few to get the idea molecules working together.

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    Can I do a research project on the NWO taking over the world supply of SPAM so they can give it all to the aliens in return, the aliens give the government control over all the evil frogs in ponds across the US?:frog::frog::frog::frog::frog::frog::frog::frog:

    If ID needs more research projects then I guess I will do one. I do not particularly like them, but if it will help ID out then I will be happy to do a research project. I am either going to do Time Travel or Worhmhole Creation. Once I decide I will let you know.
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    I've done alot of free energy research and wound up at ATS thru a free energy search link hoping to find something like this site . Glad you 4 received this reward !!!

    There may be a couple real ones out there , but most are scams . Time permiting ( inbetween capacitor charging and magnetic "shooters" that I want to make and share with the members here ) I would be happy to share what I have learned in the last 6 years of inquiry .
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    For starter I would say: A synopsis of which chemical reactions control which emotions

    So we know not to get angry/flame each other at ID in the future when we have alot of members. :)

    I'm avoiding love because of your post!

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    ha ha ha.... Well, the question also would be ... could we create emotions with pills? I mean hey, acting would be awesome!.... "ok, take the pill for apathy to Charlie! ha ha ha Give Jane over there the pill for Longing. James needs jealousy and robin needs to break down about now...... ":lol::lol:

    I will be doing a serious topic in Time Travel in about a month. Anyone want to do it with me? I have done alot of research already on time travel and the possibilities. This will be a real topic, no time travelers involved, unless we can pull it off ourselves!... ha ha

    Both side of the debate will be covered. To give a little insight, I will be going over research by: Kip Thorne, Michio Kaku, Amos Ori, Huw Price, Igor Novikov, Ronald Mallett, and many others! I would like to take all the leading theorists and scientists research, put them together and intermix them. I want to do full research into the math, implications, and possible creation of a time machine and what would it involve. Yes, folks... Ignorance will be denied in this topic once and for all! :wow:

    OddTodd, Free Energy research, now there is an awesome project. I do not know enough about it to get it started or to control it, but I would definately be willing to assist in it! I am very interested in it.

    Here is what we DO NOT WANT the researches to aspire to. A bunch of threads that lead no where or just contain alot of information. Here is what we would like. The threads will have all the information research and covnersations. At the end of the research, there should be a paper with the abstract, research, findings, and conclusion in it.

    We would like to make PDF, DOC, and HTML formats for each report and I will work on that to get them done once a research is completed. I will also host them on my website, unless we can get our own upload space for them on ID. But, I never plan on leaving my website (, so they will be safe over there.

    My personal goal for the ID Reseach.... I would like to see at least one research make it into a respected scientific publication. :yes:

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    you were just asking for me to post this :roll:

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    Wow, 60 of me are in that bottle. :yes:

    I'm still original.
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    You know Ive been reading this controlling your dreams thread. It seems really interesting. What if we picked say 5, 10, 15, maybe 20 members to research the phenomena? The only set back is I am unsure how to document the results to prove success or failure, all the data is in your head. We could perhaps videotape, tape record, subjects keep a dream journal, blood pressure?, could we get EKG monitors? Pulse monitors? Anyone have this stuff lying around. hehehe Anyways I am unsure of the practicality but it would be interesting.
  10. Gopher

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    Possible Research Projects:

    Artificial Intelligence - In this vast subject there are many possible routes of research and application.

    Sacred Geometry - Research the influence on cultures throughout history and its modern day application. (Art, Building Design, etc)

    Online Relationships - Although some individuals will never meet in "real life" they can develop all the aspects of a "real life" relationship. For example comradery, friendship, love, hate, bitterness, etc..

    Online community infancy to full blown adulthood :lol: This could be an ongoing project where observations are made on how the community develops and interacts as more members join and leave. (Compare with development of new communities in real life)
  11. Mizar

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    My global warming hypothesis

    I think i may be on to something here so either with yall or with out yall im going to begien gathereing facts evidince and data to help me develop a theoru and test my hypothesis

    if you have no clue what im talking about check here..

    now everyone can help in this most of all we need data on carbon dioxde levels in teh past 50 years and we need tempature averages for that time. we need uhhh some other stuff too i just uhh cant think right now but

    if this is decided to go through i will first get teh specific heats of an atmosphere with carbondioxide and an atmosphere without carbon dioxide

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  12. junior_smith

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    sacred geometry, i like that idea
  13. aWoman

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    Topics I'd like to see research on include the following:

    1) The corelation between deviant and other behaviors as a result of the influence of a full moon.

    2) The current applications in medicine with regard to the use of reptile, marine creature, and insect venoms

    3) The co-relation between spatial abilities and aging
  14. Ikebana

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    The Full Moon does affect the earth's tides and female cycles, so there must be something to be learned there. Back in the day, when I worked in the ER most of the worst cases turned up for treatments on the full moon and the night before, from the worst of the domestic violence patients, to severed limbs, increase in psychotic breaks, and murder. The Dr's I worked for didn't purposely schedule surgeries during certain times in the moon cycle and we all knew when the full moon arrived, we would be working our buns off in the emergency room.

    Also having known police officers and detectives, they said the same thing about the levels of crime during the full moon...always much worse at the full moon. My understanding of all these things was that it did cause more aggressive behaviors in males and more psychic energies in females.

    The "old timers" in the farming businesses often tell about what they call the "signs" having to be just right (moon cycles etc) when they do animal castrations and butchering, as well as planning for their animal's to give birth, and even their planting and harvesting cycles were based on the moon. When I was raising and training Walking & Racking Horses, it was very important when the colt was to be born. In most every case I can recall, those "signs" or moon cycles were right on target. It ususally meant the difference in having a more valuable and well adjusted horse, or some crazy 'no man's land' horse that was either crazy or just plain uncooperative, and never amount to much. Just adding in my 2 cents worth of wisdom and experience...and that's about all it's worth too.
  15. overrocked

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    TEXAS CITY, Texas (Reuters) - An explosion has rocked BP's huge refinery in Texas, the company says, and local television has reported the blast killed four people.

    What causes these refinery explosions? Turnaround? or Terrorists- but just not reported as such?

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  16. mscbkc070904

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    Most likely faulty equipment or personnel not checking gauges or mis read gauges or overloaded a part of the system causing a chain reaction of explosions. It all depends and eventually there will be a source answer on it soon.

    A similar situation happened in Kinston NC back in 2002, a chemical plant exploded, we heard the booms of the plant exploding and black smoke rising in the sky and where I was we were 1 hr drive away. The entire plant was demolished and I think something like 20 people died. It was due to faulty equipment, that hadnt been replaced yet but had been noted.
  17. nika00000111

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    i have a theory that an uncorrupted fully dedicated bodyless human brain (yes that would involve growing a human brain from stemcells and controlling it via computer generated electrical impulses but it's doable, i did the math) has the capacity to open a wormhole in the fabric of spacetime at will, it wouldnt exactly be time travel granted it would only be faster than light travel but it would still be cool. if you want to know the details u2u me your email address and i'll email you my whole paper on the subject
  18. mscbkc070904

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    Just a thought I had cause I was watching history channel earlier on geocliphs of the nascra tribe in south america and why they have these geocliphs made of sea animals in the desert and a monkey when the closest was nearly 1000 miles away from their area. The theories were hydro maps and astronomical maps but only 30% proved them to be that, other thoughts were religious figures, hence geocliphs in SW North America resembled religious ceremonies, but dont explain the geocliphs of south america.