Sociology Anti-Aging - 'We will be able to live to 1,000'

Discussion in 'Sociology' started by tablet, Feb 7, 2005.

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    I was trying to bring up discussion on Overpopulation but the issue is very blurred. Is like one of those Global Warming debate. So here, let's us talk and think about Anti-Aging. Since this is about aging, I think you can bring up the population issue.

    What would it be like if Plato, Socrates or Mozart or even Shakespear still alive today? What about History? IF Bush can live to 1000 years would he be president till he die? IF someone can live to 1000 years and they're famous, wouldn't the size of book increase? Because we have to record everything about them and document it, probably 50 encyclopedia for someone who can live to 1000 and are very famous (ok, maybe I'm exaggerating a little bit here..)

    What about relationship? In today society not many couple live together for more than 40 years straight. Speaking of 1000 years, can you handle it? We already have an online site that support cheating (which already scare most women/men) and I can imagine what it's like if Men can live to 1000. Some might want 5 wife, and 30 kids for a couple. Wouldn't that cause over-population?

    And what about Beauty Lust??? hmm....

    What about work? Doesn't living longer means working longer? What about retirement issue?
    I read somewhere that said when this anti-aging becomes a reality, you have a choice. You can choose to live to 200, 300, ... 1000. Once you live past 100, you can end it whenever you want. Right now it's illegal to end someone's life IF they request it so!!

    I prefer living healthy than living forever. What about you? Is living to 1000 years something you want? (IF I have a choice, I would chose 150 years, if not I prefer 60 or 70)
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    One of my favorite books by Robert A. Heinlein 'time enough for love' explores this very subject.

    If you could make plans that would take 60-100 years to complete- wouldn't that make a short-lifer feel despondent about his 5 year plan?

    As long as we have time enough for love-

    We could enter into a short-term contractual marriage- it seems plausible- We could at the very least provide for the children - i don't see that happening now- with so many divorces and child-support not being enforced enough. Maybe we should just charge $150,000 up front before marriage-
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    I have thought of this alot. My only fear is not having enough time to do what I need to do. I always thought the way they were going to do this is by taking the parts of the body that are dying and replace them. with either robotics or transplants.
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    though me personally, I would love to live long enough to watch the world change. or watch the world end but to live that long would be selfish your lettin overpopulation sky-rocket just to be here longer or fear of death.
    It would be great for people like Socrates, Mozart and Shakespear to still be alive but I believe they would burn out. Like for instance say Tupac didn't die. He kept rapping and eventually gets out rapped by someone eles. He would burn out. But being killed at the peak of his career made him immortal.
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    Let death come to me in it's own sweet time and I will embrace it with open arms.
    My last breath will be my last lesson.
    Personaly I don't worry about what age I will make, I'd like to see my daughter grow up and help her on her way sure, but I don't have a burning desire to reach 150yrs.

    Here's a great idea, lets increase the population so there will be enough workers to support us when we're old... NOT!!!
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    Who chooses who lives to what year and why one person over another?

    Just looking at the health care system in place today around the world this type of genetic aide would favor the rich and cause envy. With the envy you are likely to have backlash from the disadvantaged. Revolution. Destruction of Society.

    Also, the human race is not yet in a symbiotic relationship with the world.

    In order for this to succeed I think steps would have to be gradual if not available to everyone.

    I personally wouldn't mind living a couple hundred years to be able to experience the world in great detail or maybe even surviving a long trip into space. I actually am hoping to be 120 something so I can see three centuries :o
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    I am actually excited about this! This is exactly what I've been looking for.

    Maybe it's the circumstances I've lived under, but I just can't get enough of living. It seems like the more your life sucks, the more you want to live. LOL
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    Well it wouldnt be to bad to live an extra 50-75 yrs, hence nowadays, alot of people dont find what they are looking for career wise, relationship wise, child wise until at least 30-40 yrs of age, then they are pushing the envelope to save, plan for retirement, take care of the kids and so forth...making it nearly impossible to retire at 65, cause you havent saved enough yet.

    However, if you are meant to live longer then, on the spiritual side, God decides when you go.

    I would like to live long enough to see the year 2100, which would make me 126-127 yrs old, depending if I make it to my birthday after the turn of another century. Not so much to see yr 2100, but what advances we make technologically, how the world comes together. I do believe somewhere between 2025-2050, the world will unite, still have problem childs in the world and your common thugs (terrorists, extremists, etc), but see the world build to become a better place and reach out to the stars. Just to see how humanity will evolve.

    Overall, to live longer would be nice but 1000 yrs old...if I took the option of living that long, I would be so freaking bored by yr 200. I rather be cryogenically frozen and awaken say 500-800 yrs later to see what the world is like then, with an option, got 30 days to see if you want to live on, if so, take this and you will live another regular lifetime, if not, your body will start to elaspe towards death.
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    i don't think I would be bored, if we had space travel.........and a good book to read- again-
  10. mscbkc070904

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    Yeah space travel will be awesome but I dont want to wait another 200-300 yrs to get further into space rather just be frozen then reawoken when they have gotten to the point of travelling lightspeeds to other galaxies and charted areas...then maybe go on and try to become and expedition crew member to explore other regions of space not known to man yet and chart it. But after awhile you would get bored if you have done everything...
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    This idea has a very strong substance to it.
    The term "cell-browning." refers to the burning of glucose during the ATP synthesis. Stone-walling the side-effects of this process, is seemingly a workable possibility.
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    By the time I got to be THIS OLD AGE, I have more wisdom about life than I even want to have! A thousand? They can't even come up with health care plans now that are worth a wit. A thousand??? OH my aching bones!:cryb:
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    1.I was wondering how somebodies personality would change over that sort of time span and could it open up a lot of psycholgical problems for people trying to live that long.

    2.Would prison terms for people who commit serious crimes be extended? After all a twenty year stretch for someone who can live to 1000 is hardly a deterant.

    Im not sure if i would like to live for that long but it opens up some interesting ideas.

    3.I couldnt put up with Brittany Spears for that long either