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Discussion in 'Metaphysics' started by Icewolf, Mar 21, 2005.

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    I want power. Not like popularity wise or even finacially but I mean in the large scale. Government, politics....WAR. Sounds very selfish doesn't it? But the reason I want power is to make change. Thats what I believe I need to do. Now changing what and how to go about it arnt fully clear yet but the more knowledge on everything I learn the more I understand. Maby this is just a childs quest to become somesort of hero but it's the only thing I see for me.
    I mean look at all jobs out there. People making toys for kids that'll break them in a week. Too many jobs just to keep people busy and continue the peace and live to ur self not caring about the outside world. Thats not what I want to do.
    I need to do something great before I die. Change something thought unchangable. Conflict.
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    Maybe power isn't everything. We all complain about what a terrible job our governements are doing, we all at times feel even we could do a better job. But does anyone know the owrk involed in running a counrty. There is organistaion on a huge scale in place, from organisation oad repair to hiring nurses/doctors.
    Some people never wanted power and they seemed to be the happiest. For example St Francis.

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    ur probubly right and at times I feel as if everything is already fine but I just have to do something for the better or worse. It's better than doing nothing..... or is it? Plus u know all those conspicies and all the cover ups everyone keeps talking about I need to know if any of that stuff is real or not. Some how (shakes fist)
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    We all know that government keeps secrets, I'm trying to keep this somewhat conspiracising discussion fact based, but if the government does keep secrets from us they obviously have their reasons. For example, some people are stupid, simple as, releasing potentially hazardous information to the general public would only lead to the idiots out their to take advantage. This should never be allowed. I would rather have the information put somewhere safe than have it floating about for any silly person to find. I'm sure their are some factual references out there "somewhere"

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    "Power corrupts, and complete power corrupts completely"-Someone(I can't remember)
    Power is dangerous... When the government hides things, who gives them the right to decide what is hazardous or not?

    Be careful with power....It is a bomb getting ready to explode.
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    Secret, Power

    The two are correlated.

    The world we’re living in is full of secret.

    The longer we live on this planet, more secret will be unfolded because it’s our nature to discover/reveal them, to expose it. On the dark and selfish side some of us want to keep it and hidden it because it gives us “power” over those that doesn’t have such hidden knowledge (secret). Take the Pythagorean theory for example, and the unselfish... E=mc^2.

    A lot of secret have already been discovered in fields such as Science, Art, Philosophy, and Math (even the conspiracy). One, however still remains secret: The Creation of the universe and how it all began.

    What would you do if you were the first to discover this ultimate secret? Will you tell the world or… keep it and conspire it?

    I'm sure government have better answer since they too have secrets of their own.
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    secrets are only meant to be revealed. One day they'll slip up.....hopefully.
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    Power is something that should be taken with extreme caution. You will always have someone out there that will want more power than you or try and take your power.

    But power can be used in many different aspects. Like for instance, football, the QB is the power of the team, if he doesnt lead right, plays wont go.

    Power over your own life is a great succession. If you can control your life, may good on the goals you set forth, and not pass judgement on the things right or wrong, that is all the power you need.

    Sometimes people are put in positions they dont want to make the calls, cause they have the power to either control someone life to accomplish an objective.

    But to become powerful enough to make change, you dont need all the power in the world to do that, cause if you do, you will loose sight of what you once were.

    Who decides what is secret or not? Well, do you keep secrets told to you by friends? If so, what right is it of yours to keep that a secret. Some people confide in others, cause they need someone to talk to or have a plan to become a better person or achieve a goal in life but they dont want someone else to do it.

    When you talk about govt holding secrets, there are many reasons they do. If not, the world could become chaotic. There will always be secrets, reasons for them. Example: If the world knew that 9/11 was going to happen, when, how, who, where and why, it would not have happened. The War on Terrorism, if we told everythign on how we find them, then we wouldnt be able to find those terrorists, as well as, they would commit more terrorists acts.
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    Just head on down to your local power exchange club and find out for yourself what a rush power can be:sing:

    Coke and adrenalin can be addicting-

    Morals, what morals? if you don't have any guilt and lots of ego, you can accomplish much in the Repube- i-con administration. :ban:

    REally- if you want a taste of power without having to be a billionaire tycoon-
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    :af:If you read Michel Foucault, he proposed that power relations are the impersonal, dark driving force of all creation and destruction. It is neither good nor bad, independently of the mind that deems it so, and that we are all inescapably trapped, involved, and directly or indirectly complicit in the web of power relations. It is the one single metaphysical force that is everywhere manifested in our relationships and institutions. Essentially power is force, and force is the prime mover of all existence. No one conclusion can be drawn from this, as all conclusions are cofigurations of power too. Comments?