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    Angel Shark is considered the laziest shark, for it buries itself in the seafloor and awaits it prey. Its get its name for when it does expose itself and swim to another location its fins fan out like angel wings.

    Silky Shark detects sounds by movement in water to find it prey.

    Oceanic Whitetip Shark that detects blood in the water will stick its head out of the water to smell for the location of the blood within the water. How so? gaseous molecules from blood is carried thru the air faster than thru water, therefore the shark sniffs out the blood, can detect it in the air up to 1 mile.

    Greenland Shark is the only shark found in the icy waters of the artic. Its aka the Sleeper Shark, cause it moves so slowly and is partially blind due to algae build up on the eyes. A softshell crustcean attaches itself on the eye to feed off it. The Sleeper searched its food by smell, it has 2 large nostril opening in the front and can detect food, usually dead animals that float to the bottom up to 1/4 mile away. *Actually it looks like a large submarine with fins and the nostrils look like torpedo tubes.

    Mako Shark is the fastest shark reaching speeds up to 40 mph. Its sleek body and powerful tail makes it zip thru the water like it has nothing to slow it down. Scientist have discovered a criss cross pattern in the scales that hold water bubbles making a sleeker smooth which decreases any drag. This pattern is being incorporated into swim suits for swimmers/divers and transparent skin for ariplanes to help decrease drag, giving faster speeds and less fuel consumption for airliners.

    I dont have this info on any website that I could trace, but I saw this on Animal Planets Most Extreme Sharks episode. I thought these were interesting and liek to share this with the board.
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    Here's a great little site I found that has everything you ever wanted to know about sharks but were afraid to ask.


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    Dang...I was searching earlier for a site like this but I kept getting crap sites....awesome job Bleys thanks...this site has everything I needed.