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Discussion in 'Zoology' started by Icewolf, Mar 6, 2005.

  1. Icewolf

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    What rights exactly do animals have?

    with sites like the one i mentioned in the lounge showing horrific things being done to animals?

    Where is the justice here, does anyine know if the maker of this site could be prosecuted (or even sent to jail)?
  2. mscbkc070904

    mscbkc070904 Premium Member

    Yes they can be, shows animal cruelty, the photos are a dead giveaway, whether or not the cat was in the bottle 10 sec, the mere fact of doing it was wrong period.
  3. Bleys

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    Ask 10 people to define animal cruelty and you'll probably get 10 different answers but here's my take. Causing or inflicting prolonged pain that may or may not lead to the animals death is animal cruelty. If you kill an animal in the course of using it for food or commerce it should be as quick and painless as possible. There is no reason to make an animal suffer for any reason - food or not - soul or not - animal lover or not.

    I grew up on a farm and we had our pets and we had animals that were food. You never name something you will eat cause you'll never be able to kill it. All of our animals were treated well because they were family or our livelihood and you don't spit where you eat.

  4. blue

    blue Premium Member

    slippery slope when you give "rights" to animals tho- protection yes- "rights" no
  5. mscbkc070904

    mscbkc070904 Premium Member

    Ok, I have to say this blue, animals have rights too. You are a animal and you have rights. Who will speak up for animals, if they have no rights. And furthermore, Protection is a Right. If animals could speak to where we could understand what they say or feel, we would treat them equally and they should be treated equally anyhow. They were here before we were.
  6. blue

    blue Premium Member

    Well, not to sound argumentative, but that proves my point in spades. When you bring up animal welfare people tend to allow thier emotions get in the way of judgement. People maybe "animals" as you say, but we tend to believe that we are animals endowed with a soul. The cattle of the field are not so endowed. Therefore as a society we believe that humans have rights and as stewards of the cattle of the fields we are obliged to protect them and treat them in a humane fashion.But we are not obliged to render them the same rights endowed in humans.If we did- then they would no longer be able to keep them penned up for surely we can't legally pen up humans. We could no longer raise them for food- for we surely can't raise humans for food- we could no longer use them in medical experaments- hunt them- cull they're over breeding- license them ect. ect. I'm not saying that we shouldnt pass laws PROTECTING thier welfare. But we should never concider giving them RIGHTS. Because once you do- even the most basic and inane, history has proven that somewhere, sometime, someone will decide to push these rights to thier fullest human extent. and that would just be folly. Protect and care for them as best we can, but dont confuse that with giving them rights. But i apploude your better nature.
  7. mscbkc070904

    mscbkc070904 Premium Member

    My apologies I wasnt clear on what I stated. I wasnt saying that they should have equal rights like humans do, however they have a right to be treated fairly, not as some beast liek as prescribed by that website. Taking an animal that has done no harm and stuffing it in a bottle half the size of it. I know the site is a hoax, but still.

    I just think that animals should be fairly treated. If you own a pet, you should treat it with respect and responsibility. And when its brought into a home and mistreated, like for example, I am ticked off with the wife, its not right to go and kick the dog for it.
  8. blue

    blue Premium Member

    ahhhh, i see. then we are in complete agreement almost. as a hunter and fisherman i have had to fight for my right to hunt as some have asserted that since not all shots can be "killing" shots that animals were being caused to suffer needlessly and so hunting should be banned. and we have had to fight for our fishing rights because some have said that the use of hooks to catch, and the removing of fish from water was inhumane and against animal "rights". I have even heard some say that keeping a fish you catch caused distress for those of its family that it was frolicing with in the deep blue sea. I just want to see reason used when framing this subject. But I am in complete agreement with bleys statement.
  9. seems the movie ANIMAL FARM kinda addressed this issue.
    In the main, i agree with Blue's cogent assessment. Man has dominion but shouldn't disrespect, leading to blatant domination. On the contrary, as medicine men/shamans have shown, that while the animal has no SOUL he still has a SPIRIT which should be respected. Same goes for the rocks, lakes, trees, sky, etc...they're living things (though we tend to view them as inanimate and thus dead) that should be spoken to whenever we must have cause of action with them (such as cutting down a tree should lead one to ask permission).

    and so it goes.

    peace and respect to all
  10. parrhesia

    parrhesia Member

    I agree. Animals have the right to be protected from certain things, like blatant cruelty.

    I watched a video yesterday that really affected me I haven't been able to get the images out of my head since I viewed it. It showed animals being skinned alive, then being tossed into piles, bloody without their furs - still alive. One animal had the power to lift his head and look into the camera for a few seconds before collapsing.

    I can't fathom how someone could desensitize themselves to the point where they could do something as horrific as that. How could you not respond to the resistance, the kicking and the suffering? :(

    Obviously, this is an extreme case, but No animal deserves to be treated like that, and I think they should have the right to be protected from such treatment.
  11. mscbkc070904

    mscbkc070904 Premium Member

    Just like the undercover video of chickens being kicked by workers, yes they are going to be food, but dang, you dont have to go kick it, just cause you feel like. They kicked them for fun.

    Just like if you watch Animal Cops on Animal Planet, some of these people do horrible things to animals. Another one and it hits here at home too, is the pit bull fights, these guys train these dogs to fight, dont attend to the wounds, keep them outside where infection and bacteria dwells in the wounds, keep a lockedup racoon in a cage, so small that the racoon has hardly any movement to train the dog to run and chase after the #@!&%. All for sport abd now pit bulls have this really bad wrap, just like rottweilers. Then you have these people who think its cool to cross breed animals to make a hybrid type to make money.

    Overall, the right of the animal to live a normal life should be enforced, not taken out of its element and screw with natures way of survival. T
  12. parrhesia

    parrhesia Member

    I remember that one, too :(
    I just don't understand how people can be so cruel. It's obvious these actions cause excrutiating pain in the animals. You've got to be sick to do crap like that for fun. As for the animals being skinned alive, I just see that as something entirely different. beyond any kind of inhumanity I've seen toward animals - EVER.

    They just banned rottweilers where I live. I think it's ridiculous, and not a way of dealing with rottweiler attacks. :dn:
  13. Icewolf

    Icewolf Premium Member

    to tell you the truth many animals like dogs are like humans, there're no 2 the same that's why you should never ban a whole type f dog just because there're a few bad apples.

    - Ice -
  14. tablet

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    With great power comes great responsibility. By default animals' rights is to live and die naturally without human interference.

    Not much I can say since Bleys and Blue made their point.

    chickens being kicked by workers
    Bullying. Abusing power. I've love to see this worker go and kick a tiger or lion for fun/sport.
  15. mscbkc070904

    mscbkc070904 Premium Member

    How about this, Option #1, let them get kicked like thye did the chickens.

    Option #2, strapped them butt naked cover them with chicken feed and the let the chickens revenge by pecking at them...
  16. blue

    blue Premium Member

    FYI folks, i believe on the cbs news tonite is a report, that if i understand it right, is about an animal "rights" group seeking to establish in a court of law (our tax mony hard at work) property rights for a group of prarie dogs. As i had alluded to earlyer once it starts theres no end in site. Granted i maybe mistaken as i was reading when the blog came on, but i think i heard it right. and if i come across anymo info i'll bring it up.