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Discussion in 'Sociology' started by Young William, Apr 1, 2005.

  1. Young William

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    O.K., I realize that the past few years have been quite disappointing and unusual at least from the standpoint of History.......It's not just the 9-11, Afghan-Iraq squelch, but obviously much more "subtle."
    Walmarts' replace local stops, Seven-Eleven's replace, well, as much as they can, with an added "Convenience-Fee."
    So, basically, what I'm gathering from the last couple of years, is that you can have almost anything you want, especially in the U.S., without the "hassle" of Quality......
    The phrase, "I'm so stressed," has become so commonplace,......
  2. infinite

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    So your anger is aimed at the bigger guy taken over the little guy?

    not sure what your getting at here.
  3. helenheaven

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    I agree with you YW. It seems verything has become "the same" there is a blandness to what we can buy, its all the same chain stores across the Western World...everything is 24/11.. give it to me now....people have high expectations and along with that high stress.

    It's a big thing on the news here that someone is auctioning off a seems to have started a "give someone a hug today" campaign.

    Thats what we all need...give someone a hug and sit back and smell the roses.
  4. marg6043

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    Actually what you are seen is monopolies going rampant, when big stores swallow littler store and is not control is call monopoly, is always part of capitalism, but it has gone rampant in the last 20 years.

    Ship merchandise and poor quality coming from mostly third world countries is the trend now a days.
  5. Zsandmann

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    Yeah kinda makes you wonder what one has to do to bring an Anti-trust lawsuit against someone like a Wal-Mart or 7-11
  6. Mizar

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    hence why I don't buy stuff often. I only shop for what I NEED and not want so I will buy whats BEST for my NEEDS.
  7. tablet

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    I'm with Mizar. Get what you NEED not what you WANT. Alot of people buy for the sake of buying and doesn't think twice.
  8. Mizar

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    Personally I think it has alot to do with a lack of respect and appreciation in ones work.

    WHen the depression hit in the 30's many people refused to take jobs created by the New Deal because they felt like the goverment was just handing out the money and they were not working for it. People took pride in their work as carpenters, shomakers, tailors, farmers and what not. Today we see a good bit of goverment subsidies and ways to get money if you don't have it. Money just has lost its respect that is once had and we throw it away like nothing. Most of all we are not satisfied with what we do so we constantly spend on stuff we want to make ourselves feel better.

    People have been saying for a good ole while that the way of life is changing, the old wasy sof respect for ones self and honor of your name, pride in what you do is going out. Just look at th e progression of society throughout the 20th century. In the 20's wemeon were called "flapers" for dancing to big band swing jazz with skirts just below the knees. When film started out even a woman showing her legs on the film was considerd diragortory and taboo. Fast forward to the 70's we are loosing faith in our country people proteting the goverments actions and no supporting what is we are for. Slowly we see cursing become normal in public smoking and what not. There is a lack of respect for people around and now we have kids wearing clothing that makes them appear to be harlots. Whats going on? what is it so excepted by society to portray a way of life that 70 years ago might have goten you lynched?

    Where is our respect for ourselves, each other, goverment, brothers and sisters?

    you have no Idea how mad I get when I am in public and I hear people cursing and just being utterly impolite if makes me so angry.:mad: mainly common courtsy like holding doors open and respectign others privacy. stoping to help someone who droped soemthing pick up trash.

    "You clammor for demoracy but you fight like dogs to get it!"
  9. overrocked

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    kinda reminds me of 'blade runner' All of us 'little people' will perhaps get 'left behind' when the apocalypse finally happens <grin> Now if that isn't a total mis- perception of that movie, I don't know what is. (although anyone healthy enough has already left the planet in that movie-)

    The “replicants” of Blade Runner, with their implanted and fabricated consciousness, are coming to resemble us more and more.

    Quality of life for a cow drowned in a wash is my ID avatar after all
    Quality of life of a mouse in the trap is my ATS avatar after all.......

    Do they still use 'blade runner' as a teaching tool in college or high school? or is it too outdated:shk:
  10. Klepto

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    they should use bladerunner...

    they still teach about Crowley in schools and he was a NUTTER!!
  11. Bleys

    Bleys Phoenix Takes Flight Staff Member

    Crowley was nuts, but PhillipKDick wasn\'t that much better.

    Great teller of stories, but like Ellison, depressing and bleak view of the future. My eternal optimism tells me that what we are seeing now is only a bump in the race track of life. Very similar to that of the industrial revolution - a time of great change and economic upheaval.


    I can't believe the censors don't like Dick's name :p
  12. JcMinJapan

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    In many ways I have to aree with you. But, I think that this is a trend and the world has been through the trends before. But, like all the trends, they will get stronger the more circles it makes.

    Money has ruled and it always will. I agree though that basic manners are quickly leaving many people presently. Everyone wants to blame everyone else for their problems. I mean I walk down the street and hear people cursing, not holding doors for otheres, pushing their way through people, spitting, tossing cigarettes and garbage on the ground, and generally only caring about #1 (themselves).

    I take the train every day to work and notice that when people are sitting down and someone with a broken leg, pregnant woman, or elderly person gets on the train, they immediately put their head down and close their eyes until they get to their stop. Rudeness like this really gets to me.. I have even a few times tapped people on the shoulder and asked them to stand for the person.... (That really suprises them.. BWAHAHA)

    I have had people drop stuff and helped them pick it up. I have also noticed that many times when I do this, the person even looks somewhat scared as if they are actually suprised someone is helping or worried why I am helpng.... This especially happens with younger people.

    But, this forum is also an example of everything that is going good in the world today as well. Look at this... We have people from every age category, gender, and from many countries, religions, all with different upbringings. But, we are all getting along great and have become somewhat of a family in itself.
  13. bodebliss

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    Human endeavors are cyclic in nature and someday the pendulum will swing the other way.
  14. _Angel_1991

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    Mizar, about politeness...
    Actually, America is pretty good at this. For common courtesy, America is full of people who will hold the door for you or help you cross the street while in places like South Korea.... don't even ask...