Archaeology Ancient Tombs in China

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    Archeologists have found at least five ancient tombs in Changdecity, central China's Hunan Province, with abundant sacrificial objects inside.

    All the tombs, discovered by construction workers at the DeshanValve Company, are around 2,000 years old, with the oldest dating back to the Warring States Period (475 - 221 BC) and the youngest,to the Eastern Han Dynasty (24 - 220 AD).

    Experts assume the tombs, which contain pottery pieces, bronze mirrors and other ritual objects buried with the deceased, belong to civilians.

    The discovery was of significant value because it would providenew evidence to researchers on the economic development and folklore in the city in history, as more than 1,000 tombs from thesame period had been reported there so far, said Long Chaobin, associate researcher with the Chengde municipal museum.