Archaeology Ancient Temples in China with legends behind them

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    China's cultural heritage administration has started to renovate a cluster of centuries-old temples in Houshan in Hebei Province, in an effort to restore the former glory of these landmark buildings where emperors used to worship heaven in the remote periods of the country's recorded history.

    The Houshan culture, centered in Yixian county, some 10 kilometers from an imperial mausoleum, features more than 50 palaces and temples and has aroused attention from worldwide scholars in recent years for its wide influence on the traditionalChinese culture.

    Most of the ancient structures have legends behind them, telling how legendary figures including the Yan and Yellow emperors used to worship heaven there.

    Civilians used to gather at these temples every year in the third month of the Chinese lunar calendar, to worship their ancestors, according to these legends.

    The central and local governments have invested heavily to renovate these buildings, which were damaged badly in history.