Archaeology Ancient sky map or fake?

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    Luke Harding in Berlin
    Tuesday March 1, 2005
    The Guardian

    One of Germany's most acclaimed archaeological finds - a 3,600-year-old disc depicting the stars and the planets - is at the centre of a dispute following claims that it is a modern forgery.
    According to Germany's museum establishment, the Sky Disc of Nebra is the oldest depiction of the heavens discovered and offers an insight into the Bronze Age mind.

    But the authenticity of the disc has been challenged by one of the country's leading archaeologists, Peter Schauer of Regensburg University. He told a court in Halle that the artefact was nothing more than an amateurish forgery.

    Prof Schauer said that the ancient-looking green patina on the artefact was not old at all, and had probably been artificially created in a workshop using acid, urine and a blowtorch.

    The indentations on the disc's side, meanwhile, were also not made by a Bronze Age tool but were done by machine, he said.

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    I'd like to see the age of the artifact confirmed - which honestly doesn't seem like it would be too difficult to do and wonder why it hasn't been done already.

    What is more interesting to me is whether this is a star map at all. This is one of those things where it will be so difficult to say definitively one way or the other. It is like looking at a Rorshach (sic) and being told by someone else what it is - you begin to see what they see. If I was looking at the disc for the first time I would have thought it was a depiction of the moon's phases.

    A photo of the sky disc of Nebra

    I have a few photos I took many years ago of some Fremont indian pictographs. One of them struck me - it appeared, at least to me, that it was of the solar system. Planets circling a central body. I have had others tell me they thought it looked like a game to them. Perception is everything.

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    I think this is a hoot!

    The guy declares it a fake without saying what saying "how" he examined it to come to that determination. I agree, with today's resources, we should be able to determine the authentic age of the object. But this part of the article is what is the funniest:

    Yesterday, however, Prof Schauer said the disc could have been manufactured by shamans from Siberia, and was probably no more than "two or three hundred years old". Asked whether he might be wrong, he replied: "I spent 19 years examining finds from across the ancient and Roman world. I know what I'm talking about."

    There's nothing worse than a closed mind. It wasn't that long ago that scientists said there was no such thing as a Giant Squid. That they were delusions, stories made up to scare children. Now they're washing up on beaches!

    I'm not so egotistical that I believe we are the first civilization. I think it's possible there have been other, more advanced, civilizations on this planet who have either 'moved on' or perished.

    Let's get the disc tested and determine its actual age.
    Remember, they found the Dropa Stones and still don't know what they are :lol: